Dumb sheep (and a hymn)

I thought I would share a clip from a Pastor expounding on how we can reconcile that the Bible teaches both, God loves and hates sinners. It is all about the Cross and the perfect thing to meditate on as we go to worship our Lord tomorrow on Resurrection Sunday. Below the video clip are hymn lyrics to think about as we prepare for the Lord’s Day tomorrow.


Rise O Church and lift your voices
Christ has conquered death and hell
Sing as all the earth rejoices
Resurrection anthems swell
Come and worship come and worship
Worship Christ the Risen King

2. See the tomb where death had laid Him
Empty now its mouth declares
Death and I could not contain Him
For the throne of life He shares
Come and worship come and worship
Worship Christ the Risen King

3. Hear the earth protest and tremble
See the stone removed with pow’r
All hell’s minions may assemble
But cannot withstand His hour
He has conquered He has conquered
Christ the Lord the Risen King

4. Doubt may lift its head to murmur
Scoffers mock and sinners jeer
But the truth proclaims a wonder
Thoughtful hearts receive with cheer
He is risen He is risen
Now receive the Risen King

5. We acclaim Your life O Jesus
Now we sing Your victory
Sin or hell may seek to seize us
But Your conquest keeps us free
Stand in triumph stand in triumph
Worship Christ the Risen King

I hope you all have a glorious, Christ-filled Resurrection Sunday tomorrow! 🙂

In Christ,


Checking In

It’s been a little quiet around these parts. We have been busy preparing for Advent,  enjoying the season and normal day to day activities . We are celebrating with an Advent wreath, a family devotional each day (We are using this devotional as a family), and a box full of envelopes that has a simple activity planned for each day of Advent.

On the 2nd,  our sweet Rylee turned five! It still feels kind of surreal, both of our daughters are now kids not babies. For her birthday we gave her the choice of eating at a restaurant of her choice or having a meal and desert of her choice fixed at home. She hose to eat at a buffet so that’s what we did. I’m sure the food was horrible for us, but it was yummy!My in-laws joined us and it was a nice time of fellowship. Of course, while we were in Ohio over Thanksgiving she also had a birthday party up there with our friends and family.

Next, my beloved’s birthday is coming up. Tomorrow actually! We choose to have the time eating out as a dual celebration for both birthdays, but I’m sure we’ll still do a little something special here tomorrow.

School is going well. We took a little break because we were swapping rooms around but we are back in full swing now. I’ve also started thinking about next year … what will we change, what will stay the same? Pricing out our books so I know how much to start putting back in savings.  Next year will be interesting (and I suspect quite challenging) homeschooling two children with a brand new baby to boot.

Speaking of the baby, things are going pretty well. Bouts of nausea and sickness as well as fatigue are my most notable symptoms. I am anxious to have an ultrasound. My first real appointment is the 16th. The girls are anxious for my belly to start growing. Soon enough, I’m sure!

Currently, I’m reading When Sinners Say I Do and finishing up The Pilgrim’s Progress. Both are excellent books and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

A couple articles worth your reading time:

  • Over at my friend Becky’s blog she is hosting a series on the Excellencies of His Name. What a wonderful time to learn more about Christ, whose birth we celebrate this time of year especially.
  • And, over at my friend Jessalyn’s blog she penned an excellent series titled Why Not Santa Claus? She does a great job of writing about the conflicts that Christian parents will inevitably run into when they attempt to celebrate both Christ and Santa. If nothing else, she will leave you with something to think about!

I hope you all have a week full of Christ!


Cooking & Decorating

This week I decided to take on a batch cooking day. It was quite successful!

We made:
These homemade hamburger buns They turned out so good and it was super easy. I don’t think we’ll go back to buying them. Here’s a picture of ours (yes some are smaller because I let the girls help shape them. They had fun though!)

We also made this apple pie desert. A definite hit! Here’s a pic:

I also made peanut butter squares, four batches of chicken lime taco filling, a huge pot of chicken soup, three batches of pizza dough and cheeseburger meatloaf. A pretty successful day in the kitchen.

We were also able to get our home decorated for Christmas. Yes, I know it’s early. But, because we will be away next week I thought it would be nice to do it now so we could come home to a decorated house.

What have you been up to this week?



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