Thankful Thursday: 37 weeks

Today is an exciting day. Today Titus is 37 weeks old, which is considered full-term in the medical world! Praise God for sustaining us through out this pregnancy! We have reached the point where if I went into labor all systems would be go. It’s kind of like the first finish line of pregnancy — but certainly not the only finish line! I continue to pray the Lord would be with Titus, my husband, myself, our doctors, and the hospital staff during the labor and delivery of our sweet son!

I bless God for giving us the gift of life in our family.

I thank God for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

I thank God for the prayers of my church, my sisters and brothers through out the world for Titus and myself.

I thank God for the kindness of our friends and family that we have had to buy practically nothing for baby Titus.

I bless God for the sweet daughters He has given us and all the excitement they have for their baby brother and their anxiousness to help and serve him.

I thank God for a husband that loves life, is open to life, who recognizes that God alone gives life, who has been so excited and loving … and will continue to be so 🙂

I know that it is only the hand of the Lord that has brought us through this pregnancy thus far. I’m so thankful he choose to give my husband and I another sweet, little soul to care for and pray for.

In Christ,


Weekend Links (with no links) 12/16/11

I hope you all had a great week and are moving in to a joyous weekend 🙂 Today I had my first prenatal appointment! Everything is looking good and I am officially twelve weeks and one day along. Here’s a picture of our little person:

I also wanted to share this excerpt from an article I read Home Educating Family Magazine:

“It’s an uncommon idea that God truly is in control and that when we are bad-mouthed, we no not need to raise our voices to defend ourselves, or attack our attackers. It can feel almost impossible to live this way. My husband was constantly telling me if we would continue to walk in a way that lined up with God’s Word then that would shine as our witness better than any arguments we could make on our behalf.”

Wow! The whole article was amazing, it is something I have needed to hear, desperately for the past three years. I wish I could share the whole piece but I couldn’t find it anywhere online.

Lastly, this amazing teen-adoption video. Have your tissues ready.

Much Love,

Pinterest: Yummy recipe!

Since getting sucked into the craze that is Pinterest, I’ve made a few recipes found from the site. Tonight I made a super yummy desert recipe for my girls. They were so excited to get a surprise desert dish that I threw together in mere minutes. I didn’t take any pictures of my creation, but this is the photo from Pinterest:
 Can you guess what it is? Chocolate chip cookie dough mug cake. Yummy! And it’s SO easy to do:
  •  Put into a mug: 1 egg + 3 TBSP brown sugar + 1/3 cup flour + 1TBSP softened butter + 3-4 TBSP mini chocolate chips. Mix with a spoon and microwave for 1 1/2 – 2 minutes until set. Enjoy with a dollop of ice cream!
And, it was a big hit all around! 
A couple other things worth mentioning:
  • Tomorrow is my first appointment with my OB. I think it will consist mostly of a pregnancy test and paperwork. I’m looking forward to meeting some of the office staff though. 
  • Today was my hubby’s last day at his current job. The Lord has answered our prayers and promoted him to a new and better job. He starts Monday! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  

I hope you all have a weekend full of love, laughter and Christ!