June Status Report

We’ve been quite busy! I haven’t forgotten about my “why I believe what I do …” blog series — in fact I have quite a few drafts waiting to be finished for it. But, they’ll just have to keep waiting because like someone recently said “blogging isn’t a have to but a get to.” 🙂 I’m thankful to be quite busy at home!

Outside my window…  we have some plants taking off in our tiny little garden! Very exciting. If only the plants would grow as fast as our grass 😉

I am thinking… about grace-based-parenting and how much more grace my parenting needs.

I am thankful… for so many things! God has sustained me and our son through this pregnancy. Access to fast and affordable health care through out this pregnancies. Sisters that are so excited to care for and meet their baby brother. A loving husband that supports me in more ways than I ever dreamed. Family, near and far!

In the kitchen… I am planning to try this recipe for english muffin bread.

I am wearing… painting clothes.

I am creating… Fathers Day gifts with the children 🙂 Also working on a cross-stitch.

I am going… no where. I’ve been trying to stay home as much as possible as I wait for the little man to arrive 🙂

I am wondering… what my labor will be like. What little Titus will look like. What will his sister say when they meet him? What will Josh think of the birthing process.

I am reading… I just finished Stepping Heavenward and loved it. Emma has taken on to read it now 🙂 I’ve just started Living For God’s Glory: An Introduction to Calvinism and it is excellent so far. Also, I’m reading According To The Plan with the Desiring Virtue Book Club. And in Scripture I’m close to finishing up Acts and can I just say wow! What an amazing book this is. I’ve had a hard time restraining myself to five chapters a day.

I am hoping… for a safe birth. Successful breastfeeding.

I am looking forward to… meeting my son.

I am learning … to trust in Christ and run to him for the smallest things. That starting my day out with prayer and Bible reading really does make a world of difference. That even if it didn’t make a difference I should still do it 🙂

Around the house… we are busy preparing for the little man to arrive! It’s such an exciting and joyous time. We’ve been arranging rooms, washing tiny little clothes and so much more.

I am listening to … Give Them Grace on audiobook.

A favorite quote for today … “The Calvinist is the man who sees God: God in nature, God in history, God in grace. Everywhere he sees God in His mighty stepping, everywhere he feels the working of His mighty arm, the throbbing of His mighty heart. The Calvinist is the man who sees God behind all phenomena and in all that occurs recognizes the hand of God, working out His will. The Calvinist makes the attitude of the soul in prayer its permanent attitude in all its life activities; he casts himself on the grace of God alone, excluding every trace of dependence on self from the whole work of his salvation.” -BB Warfield as quoted in Living For God’s Glory pg 41

One of my favorite things… the sound of laughing children 🙂

In Christ,


Thankful Thursday: 37 weeks

Today is an exciting day. Today Titus is 37 weeks old, which is considered full-term in the medical world! Praise God for sustaining us through out this pregnancy! We have reached the point where if I went into labor all systems would be go. It’s kind of like the first finish line of pregnancy — but certainly not the only finish line! I continue to pray the Lord would be with Titus, my husband, myself, our doctors, and the hospital staff during the labor and delivery of our sweet son!

I bless God for giving us the gift of life in our family.

I thank God for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

I thank God for the prayers of my church, my sisters and brothers through out the world for Titus and myself.

I thank God for the kindness of our friends and family that we have had to buy practically nothing for baby Titus.

I bless God for the sweet daughters He has given us and all the excitement they have for their baby brother and their anxiousness to help and serve him.

I thank God for a husband that loves life, is open to life, who recognizes that God alone gives life, who has been so excited and loving … and will continue to be so 🙂

I know that it is only the hand of the Lord that has brought us through this pregnancy thus far. I’m so thankful he choose to give my husband and I another sweet, little soul to care for and pray for.

In Christ,

I Said Yes

A couple Sundays ago our daughters asked if they could please make dinner for us. Normally, I would say “no” because I wouldn’t think of the joy it would bring them and the whole family. No, normally I would selfishly think of the messes and extra work it would create for me. I wouldn’t think of the learning opportunity, I wouldn’t think of how my “no” would be killing their interest in domestic things like cooking for your family. I would think of how much more efficiently I could get dinner out, I would think of how I would have to answer endless questions and explain very basic things. Normally, it wouldn’t cross my mind that the Lord was giving me a chance to act out Titus 2 in my own home, it wouldn’t cross my mind that always saying no is indeed neglecting my responsibilities as a mother of daughters.

Thankfully, the Lord is rich in mercy and had very recently brought to my attention my sinfulness of saying no constantly. So, on that evening a couple of Sundays ago I said, “Yes. We would love for you to make us dinner.” And I cannot believe how much of a blessing it was to our family. The girls worked cheerfully together to put a beautiful dinner on the table for us. They were so excited and honored to be serving us. I found so much joy in answering their questions and cheering them along. I was so touched by their hard work that I didn’t even mind the two hours spent in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner.

They made us a lovely dinner of hot dogs, mashed potatoes and a veggie tray. For dessert they served sugar cookies and strawberries. They drew up individual place-mats for each person and set the table beautifully.

It was a wonderful evening for the whole family — a true blessing from the Lord.

In Christ,

Weekend Links (with no links) 12/16/11

I hope you all had a great week and are moving in to a joyous weekend 🙂 Today I had my first prenatal appointment! Everything is looking good and I am officially twelve weeks and one day along. Here’s a picture of our little person:

I also wanted to share this excerpt from an article I read Home Educating Family Magazine:

“It’s an uncommon idea that God truly is in control and that when we are bad-mouthed, we no not need to raise our voices to defend ourselves, or attack our attackers. It can feel almost impossible to live this way. My husband was constantly telling me if we would continue to walk in a way that lined up with God’s Word then that would shine as our witness better than any arguments we could make on our behalf.”

Wow! The whole article was amazing, it is something I have needed to hear, desperately for the past three years. I wish I could share the whole piece but I couldn’t find it anywhere online.

Lastly, this amazing teen-adoption video. Have your tissues ready.

Much Love,

Christmas 2010

 I hope you all had a nice Christmas! We did 🙂 We opt to celebrate Christmas pretty traditionally around here. We decorate a tree and exchange a few gifts. What we don’t do is consumerism or Santa Clause. And of course, we remember the cause for our celebration — Jesus! 
This was our first Christmas with Josh here. It was so nice! That photo up there is one Josh snapped Christmas morning. I love it! It cracks me up every time I look at it! We woke up Christmas morning around 7:45 and I made coffee and cinnamon rolls (that ended up being burnt, but the effort counts … right?). After that we all snuggled in on the couch and Josh read Luke 2 from the Geneva Bible. It is neat establishing traditions like that! 

Afterwards, we exchaged gifts before getting dressed and finishing the day out at my parents. There we had dinner and wonderful family fellowship! It was one of the best Christmas days I’ve ever had.  God’s graciousness toward us is astounding! We are truly a blessed people!
Sunday, Josh was finally able to see me church here! I was excited to take him. Everyone was very welcoming to him. I actually talked to more people with Josh there then I ever have since I started attending. That’s because he’s the extrovert to my introvert. 
Sadly, after church we said goodbye. I hate our goodbyes. They get harder each time. Thankfully, we shouldn’t have to keep this up too much longer! And, I will be seeing him on Wednesday when I travel out there, so it’s not as terrible this time.
Be Blessed,

Public School

Recently we had to make a hard decision in our home. As anyone that knows me is aware, I am a huge proponent of home schooling.  I truly believe the public school system in America is broken. Emma spent her kindergarten year in public school and we were not impressed to say the least.

She spent her first-grade year in a private, Christian school (We also ran into doctrinal issue with this school as well). In both schools we had issues with bullying. So, this year we opted to home school. Since, I am a single mom this was very challenging. I tried my best. But at the end of five months, I am tossing in the towel. Why?

It wasn’t working. Spending eight hours a day in solitude while I worked was not ideal, for Emma. Since starting this method, in August her behavior has been horrible. We have tried everything to fix this problem. Nothing works. Nothing. It has been a very disruptive and hard time for our little family of three.

So last week, after praying and discussing the situation with Josh I enrolled her into public school. It was with a heavy heart that I did this.

Do I think public school is a cure-all? No. But, I recognize the institution does exist for a reason. And right now, we are thankful for it’s existence. Emma, will finish out the school year in public school. This is only six months. I, along with friends, will be praying fervently that God will protect her little heart during that time.

What then? There are tentative plans in place to remedy these schooling woes. It’s my prayer the Lord will bring those plans to fruition, but only He knows what will be. We will trust in Him and continue to plan for the future as He reveals it to us.

Be Blessed,