Thankful Thursday: 37 weeks

Today is an exciting day. Today Titus is 37 weeks old, which is considered full-term in the medical world! Praise God for sustaining us through out this pregnancy! We have reached the point where if I went into labor all systems would be go. It’s kind of like the first finish line of pregnancy — but certainly not the only finish line! I continue to pray the Lord would be with Titus, my husband, myself, our doctors, and the hospital staff during the labor and delivery of our sweet son!

I bless God for giving us the gift of life in our family.

I thank God for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

I thank God for the prayers of my church, my sisters and brothers through out the world for Titus and myself.

I thank God for the kindness of our friends and family that we have had to buy practically nothing for baby Titus.

I bless God for the sweet daughters He has given us and all the excitement they have for their baby brother and their anxiousness to help and serve him.

I thank God for a husband that loves life, is open to life, who recognizes that God alone gives life, who has been so excited and loving … and will continue to be so 🙂

I know that it is only the hand of the Lord that has brought us through this pregnancy thus far. I’m so thankful he choose to give my husband and I another sweet, little soul to care for and pray for.

In Christ,


One Year Anniversary!

Today I celebrate one year in the marriage covenant with my husband. The past year has been full of trials and joys. God has blessed us in more ways than we can imagine. A year ago we promised these words to each other:

“I take you, Hollie, to be my wife and I promise before God and all who are present here to be your loving and faithful husband, as long as our lives shall last. I will love you and give myself up for you, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. I will serve you with tenderness and respect, and encourage you to develop the gifts that God has given you.”
“I take you, Joshua, to be my husband, and I promise before God and all who are present here to be your loving and faithful wife, as long as our lives shall last. I will love you and submit to you, as the church loves and submits to Christ. I will serve you with tenderness and respect, and encourage you to develop the gifts that God has given you.”

On our anniversary, I wanted to share one of my favorite little pieces on marriage. Enjoy 🙂

A little nook in the very heart of God

(J. R. Miller, “The Marriage Altar” 1898)

God’s plan for every marriage is happiness.

Marriage is meant to be a miniature of heaven—a
fragment of the celestial blessedness, let down into
this world.

Marriage is meant to be a little sanctuary, into which
husband and wife may flee from earth’s storms and
dangers, where in love’s shelter, their hearts fed with
affection’s daily bread—they may dwell in quiet peace.

Marriage is meant to be a shelter in which, covered
from the frosts of the world and shielded from its cold
and tempests—two lives may grow together into richest
beauty, realizing their sweetest dreams of happiness,
blending in whatever things are true, whatever things
are pure, and attaining the finest possibilities of godly

Marriage is meant to be a holy ark, floating on the wild
floods of human life—like Noah’s ark on the deluge,
bearing to heaven’s gates, to the harbor of glory—the
lives which God has shut within its doors.

A godly marriage is a little nook in the very heart of
, where faithful souls are held close to the Father’s
heart, and carried safely, amid dangers and sorrows, to
the home above!

Taken from Grace Gems. Original post .

In Christ,

I promise, I’m alive!

I promise I’m still alive! I’ve just fallen off the face of the bloggin’ world. The wedding is so close and, as expected, things have been busy. June 4th will be here in no time! I cannot believe how close it is. I’m finally starting to get slightly nervous about being the center of attention for a whole afternoon.

I’ve spent most of April and May between Virginia and Ohio. We are trying to get the house unpacked and ready to go by the time the wedding is here. All the wedding plans are coming together pretty smoothly. Through out this whole planning process it has been astounding to see God’s graciousness toward us. We have been showered with blessings! Our Lord has certainly given His people the hearts of servants. So many people have came forward to help us have a beautiful wedding day. It’s no secret we are on a tight budget. We pretty much have one income, and most of our savings has went into fixing up the old farmhouse we plan to call home. It had no real major issues, but all those minor ones add up after a while. Honestly, if it was not for the kindness of our local church here, my church back in Ohio, and our families we would not be able to pull off what we have. Some how, not only do I get to marry the man of my dreams, live in the type of house I’ve always wanted, and just be a mom like I’ve wanted to do for so long, but I also get the type of wedding I have always wanted! It’s truly amazing and it would be impossible with out God. It has been truly humbling to watch Him orchestrate all of this.

And, while it seems as there is only rejoicing to be done there is some sadness. I’m leaving my best friends — my parents, and moving eight hours away. The last couple of weeks have been sprinkled with sporadic tears as it begins to sink in that I won’t be able to just drive over to see them anytime I wish. It’s not just my parents, my closest friends and family are all in Ohio. I’ve never lived anywhere but there for the last twenty-six years.  So, it’s very bittersweet for me. I’m overwhelmed with the joy of marrying Josh, starting our life and becoming part of our church here. But, there is that hint of sadness. I trust that with frequent visits, calls, emails, letters, and webcams we will all make the best of the distance. I would appreicate prayer, for myself and my family as we transition through this new stage in life.

I am hoping to be back to blogging after the wedding! So, Lord willing I will *see* you all in June.  Oh, and I promise to share wedding pictures with you all! :o)

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Happy Birthday Rylee

 Thank you God for bestowing the amazing gift of motherhood upon me!

 Most days, I love being a mom. People talk about having different callings in life, well I know for sure mothering is mine. Even on the worse days I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s an amazingly humbling experience every. single. day. Each day, at least once, I marvel at the fact that I have been entrusted with two little souls. The Lord is trusting me to raise them according to His ways laid before me in His word. Every day I am presented with a numerous opportunities to point my children to Christ. The Gospel is the answer to every problem. Any issue that arises points to Jesus. Any joy that comes our way point to Jesus. If I am looking it is easy to see how every aspect of life points to the Christ. This comes into play in our lives … around the dinner table, in the kitchen, during sibling arguments, during this mother’s moments of weakness and harshness, at bedtime, when we are scared, when we are happy, outside, in school … He is everywhere in every moment.

Today I celebrate the birthday of my youngest child. Rylee Lynn is four today. FOUR! I’m not entirely sure how it is possible that she’s made it to that age marker already. I am rejoicing that she has made it that far though, for I know it’s only by the grace of God that any of us make it from one second into the next.  God has given me four gracious years of parenting this child so far. How am I doing? Far from perfect. As we trek off into the next year of her life I am reminded that parenting needs to be so much less about me, the parenting experts, and my friends and family and so much more about our Lord and Savior.

How are we celebrating? We are having a small birthday party on Saturday. We’ll have family over and I’m making cake and some finger foods. Rylee has requested a star cake so I’m heading to Hobby Lobby tonight to see if they have a star shaped pan. It will be nice to gather with family to celebrate the blessing the Lord has gave all of us through this sweet girl 🙂

Be Blessed,