June Status Report

We’ve been quite busy! I haven’t forgotten about my “why I believe what I do …” blog series — in fact I have quite a few drafts waiting to be finished for it. But, they’ll just have to keep waiting because like someone recently said “blogging isn’t a have to but a get to.” 🙂 I’m thankful to be quite busy at home!

Outside my window…  we have some plants taking off in our tiny little garden! Very exciting. If only the plants would grow as fast as our grass 😉

I am thinking… about grace-based-parenting and how much more grace my parenting needs.

I am thankful… for so many things! God has sustained me and our son through this pregnancy. Access to fast and affordable health care through out this pregnancies. Sisters that are so excited to care for and meet their baby brother. A loving husband that supports me in more ways than I ever dreamed. Family, near and far!

In the kitchen… I am planning to try this recipe for english muffin bread.

I am wearing… painting clothes.

I am creating… Fathers Day gifts with the children 🙂 Also working on a cross-stitch.

I am going… no where. I’ve been trying to stay home as much as possible as I wait for the little man to arrive 🙂

I am wondering… what my labor will be like. What little Titus will look like. What will his sister say when they meet him? What will Josh think of the birthing process.

I am reading… I just finished Stepping Heavenward and loved it. Emma has taken on to read it now 🙂 I’ve just started Living For God’s Glory: An Introduction to Calvinism and it is excellent so far. Also, I’m reading According To The Plan with the Desiring Virtue Book Club. And in Scripture I’m close to finishing up Acts and can I just say wow! What an amazing book this is. I’ve had a hard time restraining myself to five chapters a day.

I am hoping… for a safe birth. Successful breastfeeding.

I am looking forward to… meeting my son.

I am learning … to trust in Christ and run to him for the smallest things. That starting my day out with prayer and Bible reading really does make a world of difference. That even if it didn’t make a difference I should still do it 🙂

Around the house… we are busy preparing for the little man to arrive! It’s such an exciting and joyous time. We’ve been arranging rooms, washing tiny little clothes and so much more.

I am listening to … Give Them Grace on audiobook.

A favorite quote for today … “The Calvinist is the man who sees God: God in nature, God in history, God in grace. Everywhere he sees God in His mighty stepping, everywhere he feels the working of His mighty arm, the throbbing of His mighty heart. The Calvinist is the man who sees God behind all phenomena and in all that occurs recognizes the hand of God, working out His will. The Calvinist makes the attitude of the soul in prayer its permanent attitude in all its life activities; he casts himself on the grace of God alone, excluding every trace of dependence on self from the whole work of his salvation.” -BB Warfield as quoted in Living For God’s Glory pg 41

One of my favorite things… the sound of laughing children 🙂

In Christ,


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