Menu Plan Week of 6/4/12

Here’s our menu for the upcoming week. Tomorrow we celebrate one year in the marriage covenant together! As such, we are having a special meal of filet mignon our grocery store was running an awesome deal on it last week — Providence! :D)

Oatmeal (this recipe)

Leftovers or Sandwiches, fruit

Filet Mignon, baked potatoes, veggies
Breakfast Pizza
Chili Frito Pie, veggie, rolls
Cheesy Baked Grits, veggie, biscuits
Hamburger Pasta Skillet , veggie, rolls

Our Sabbath dinner isn’t finalized yet, though. I’m thinking of some kind of recipe using the flounder I have in the freezer, along with a veggie and bread. Emma has already asked to make peanut-butter cookies for the dessert πŸ™‚

In Christ,



3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Week of 6/4/12

  1. Happy Anniversary! Filet Mignon is soooo good! I once saw some restaurants on the Food Network served chili in the Frito bags like that recipe…I bet it would be fun for the kids and a good meal to serve and eat while camping!

  2. Are you guys still using emeals? I got away from using it but then realized you could change your settings and so I changed it to low-fat meals for 2 (me and Kaidance don’t eat that much). We need to save some cash. The oatmeal recipe looks awesome!

    • We aren’t currently using it because we have so much food in our freezer and pantry to eat. So we are just doing that in an effort to save πŸ™‚ Once we eat up all that we’ll go back to it. πŸ™‚

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