Humility & Sin

“I’m afraid that there are many who by strong expressions of self-condemnation and self-denunciation have sought to humble themselves, but who have to confess with sorrow that a humble spirit with its accompanying kindness and compassion, meekness and forbearance, is still as far off as ever. Being occupied with self, even having the deepest self-abhorrence, can never free us from self. It is the revelation of God not only by the Law condemning sin but also by His grace delivering from it that will make us humble. The Law may break the heart with fear; it is only grace that works that sweet humility that becomes joy to the soul as its second nature. It was the revelation of God in His holiness, drawing nigh to make himself known in His grace that made Abraham, Jacob, Job and Isaiah bow so low. It is the soul that find God to be everything that is so filled with His presence there is no place for self. So alone can the promise be fulfilled: “The pride of men brought low; the Lord alone will be exalted in that day” (Isaiah 2:11)

It is the sinner basking in the full light of God’s holy, redeeming love, in the experience of that indwelling divine compassion of Christ, who cannot but be humble. Not to be occupied with your sin but to be fully occupied with God brings deliverance from self.”

-Andrew Murray’s Humility pg 73


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