Thankful Thursday 5/24/12

Not just today, but always, I’m thankful for my husband. God has given me an amazing man to spend my life with. His commitment to Truth will never cease to amaze me. He is, quite often, directing me back to Christ, keeping me humble, and teaching me every day. He lovingly endures all kinds of questions from me as I learn and grow in Christ.

Even after waking up very early (4am) and long days at work, he comes home ready to help out here. He rarely complains about anything that needs to be done. Even though he is new to parenting, he has proven himself to be a natural daddy! He almost always reads to our girls, and answers their endless questions with patience, grace, and mercy.

I am so blessed that God gave me to a man devoted to Christ, His Church, and His Word. These are the rocks that guide Josh as he leads our family and for that I am endlessly thankful.

In Christ,


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