Checking In

This blog has been quiet for a week and half so I thought I would check in! 🙂 Things around the Dermer household have been busy. Titus is growing bigger, along with my belly, and we are busy taking care of last minute things before his arrival next month. We have also been out of state visiting family and celebrating my brother’s marriage.

My wonderful husband and daughters bought me an awesome book bundle for Mothers Day (Mothers & Daughters, Praise Her in The Gates, and Building Her Home by Nancy Wilson, along with Loving The Little Years) and I have been reading those books in my spare moments. They are wonderful and I would recommend them to all mothers!

We also have recently implemented a new family tradition: Sabbath dinners. This idea came from two of the books by Nancy Wilson mentioned above. My husband had been trying to make sure we all focus our hearts & minds toward God and worship each Saturday evening. So, when I shared the idea of Sabbath dinners with him he was very excited and supportive. Our first Sabbath dinner was Saturday evening and it went really well! It’s different from our normal dinners for several reasons: we eat in the dining room, I use all our “fancy” dishes, we set a formal table, we have dessert, we have wine/sparkling cider, we eat by candle-light, we end with family confession. During this dinner we tie in family worship as our Saturday family worship is different than other nights — we usually read through the Bible one chapter at a time each night, but on Saturdays Josh reads the verse(s) that will be preached on the following day and we discuss them. I have to say God richly blessed us during our first Sabbath dinner as we ended up lingering at the table for two hours discussing the things of God. (I want to add that we in no way feel Sabbath dinners are Scripturally mandated. This is simply a family tradition we have embraced for our family.)

I pray you are all having a Christ-filled week!

In Christ,


4 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. I can imagine how excited everyone must be about Titus’ arrival next month. Your Sabbath dinners sound like a very fruitful idea, and I like your sweet pictures! Blessings!

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