Thankful Thursday 4/26/12

303. I’m thankful that we are able to enjoy fun events and activities through our local community.

304. A day at a local horse expo:

305. Riding lessons for our little cow-girl:
306. Ballet for our little dancer:
307.A healthy baby boy continuously reminding me of his presence.

308. The fact that we, as believers, may boldly go before the Throne of Grace. The veil has been torn, praise be to God!

309. A warm house.

310. A cozy bed.

311. My husbands sweet embrace.

312. The godly women God has placed through out my life.

In Christ,




4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday 4/26/12

  1. What a beautiful family, Hollie! And to think that as a little girl, I had no interest in horses. 🙂 All of my girls love them, too. Love to you!

    • Trisha,
      Thank you!

      I had no interest in horses growing up either, even though my family had a quite a few of them. They always did (and still do) make me nervous!

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