Thankful Thursday 4/11/12

The problem with being thankful is not so much one of manners as it is of alertness to the facts, that is, simply having open eyes to what is true. And it is true that you and I deserve nothing good. No, more than that, we deserve everything bad – an eternity in hell. –Jim Elliff

294. Hearing Titus’ strong heart beat again at my most recent appointment.

295. God’s merciful hand over both Titus and myself through out this pregnancy thus far. I praise Him for giving me an easy pregnancy so far.

296. Being together as a family, to worship our Lord freely on Resurrection Sunday (and all Sundays)

My beautiful family!

297. Books such as Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper and Living For God’s Glory: An Introduction To Calvinism by Joel Beeke.

298. And books that present wonderful role-models for our oldest daughter … like The Chosen Daughters series.

299. Butter! This seriously is a gift from God to us 😉

300. The love of God for His children.

301. Blogging friends whose posts continually point readers back to Christ.

302. The thrilled and excited look of a little sister that finally was able to feel a kick from her little brother in the womb.


3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday 4/11/12

  1. Beautiful, Hollie! Every part of pregnancy is simply amazing, isn’t it? I’m praising God for blessing you with such mercies thus far. The picture is wonderful!

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