Top Ten Reasons Not To Attend A Reformed Baptist Church …

The pastor (Jeff Riddle) from our sister church has a tongue-and-cheek article up on the Reformed Baptist Fellowship blog titled “Top Ten Reasons Not To Attend A Reformed Baptist Church.” I found the article very accurate (of our church at least) and amusing!

A tongue-in-cheek list of the reasons you should not attend or join a Reformed Baptist Church:

1. The doctrine is too defined.
Come on….  I mean the Second London Baptist Confession (1689) is 40 pages long!   It does not define crucial doctrines like election and depravity so ambiguously that even an Arminian could affirm them. If you define your doctrine too clearly that will exclude a lot of people, and isn’t our main goal to get larger in number?
2.  The worship is too “regulated.”
There’s no children’s church, no children’s sermon, no skits, no choir specials, no praise team, no choir cantatas, no testimonies.  In fact, all they sing are psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to tunes that are too square to ever be covered on the local pop station.
3.  The expectations are too high.
If you miss a service, someone is likely to call and ask how you’re doing.  The church is so small that everyone has to pitch in and do something.  You  … read the rest here!

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Not To Attend A Reformed Baptist Church …

      • Small world! Did you attend the last Keach Conference? I was there with my husband & our three sons. How nice & unexpected “bumping into you” in cyberspace 🙂

      • It is a small world! Very neat to meet you here 🙂 Yes, we were there with our two daughters! We’ll be at the one this year too, Lord willing 🙂

      • Well perhaps we will have the chance to meet in person then, if not sometime before, Lord willing. 🙂
        I’ve enjoyed *getting to know you* a bit already, via your blog, and I look forward to reading your new series.

      • Yes, that would be wonderful. I have added your blog to my feeds and look forward to “getting-to-know-you” as well … hopefully we can meet in person sometime 🙂

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