As times marches on I find myself seriously considering if I should keep this blog. There’s so much I want to write about (like the series I started recently on worship) but in reality I have so little time. I’m in a season of my life where I’m still learning how to organize our days, how to rum a family, raise kids, home-school, cook, clean, garden and more! It leaves very little time for the research and writing I’d have to do to put together such posts.

Some days this blog feels more like an obligation than a hobby. I feel bad when I leave my readers with no posts but menu-plans for weeks (as if people are waiting with bated breath for my next post! 😉 )

I’m not sure what I will do. Just know I am prayerfully considering closing down my blog for good. Please pray for me as I consider this. While this isn’t life-changing, I do want to heed the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all areas of my life, including blogging.

In Christ,


6 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. I completely understand what you’re saying, Hollie. I have struggled with the same things of late. I do hope you would at least continue your blog until your sweet baby is born. I know you might be on FB and others will get to heart the good news that way, but I’m not there, and if you shut down your blog you’d have to promise to send me a private e-mail with pictures when your precious baby is born. LOL! I’m not demanding or anything, you know. 🙂 This is your blog. Post when you can, knowing this is a very busy season of your life. I’m happy to just read your menu posts if that’s what you can manage. It’s still great seeing at least part of what’s going on in your life, my friend. May God give you wisdom and peace. I love you!

    • Hi Trisha! I’ve thought about keeping it open for family updates and just blogging as time allows on other topics. I’m not on Facebook so, my blog is the best way to send family updates out to a bunch of people at once. Though, if I do decide to close, I promise to send you an email when Titus comes along! 🙂

  2. If you do stop blogging, I’ll miss your posts. And I’ve gotten some good recipes from your menus. 🙂 Seriously, may the Lord show you how you can best glorify Him with your time. I also second Trisha’s request for a picture of Titus. ❤

  3. If you stop blogging… I will definitely CRY!!!

    I miss you so much on FB; it was great to “see” you there almost daily…

    BUT, the truth is… if you do close this place, I will totally understand, and will love you still and call you on the phone, and will keep praying for you ❤

    Love you, sister!

  4. Hollie,

    We shouldn’t feel obligated to blog; but I think you are causing that feeling yourself. This blog is for YOU. For you to write when you want and to blog about what you want. Write when you can and we can all be patient. I would feel sad if you left this, and I am still looking forward to reading your series on Worship. Even if I had to wait all year! 🙂

    Love you!

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