Weekly Shopping 1/30/12

Copying off a favorite deal-saving site of mine, Money Saving Mom, I’ve decided to start posting my weekly grocery shopping trips. I think this will help me track how well I’m doing with coupons and what I am truly spending. So, without further ado … here is this week’s list:

-3 Hallmark cards
– Reese’s Peanut butter Egg (Not pictured. I am pregnant … needless to say the egg didn’t last 5 minutes after we paid 😉 )

Total: $4.01 but I got $ 3.87 back in ECBS (Extra Care Bucks) to use next shopping trip. So my total after savings is: $0.14

-Iams Dog Food
– Travel Size Aquafresh Extreme Clean

Total Before Coupons: $3.97
Total After Coupons: $0.20

-2 Skinny Cow Icecream Cups
-Half Gallon 2% milk
-Wal-Mart Brand Peanutbutter
-Unsalted butter sticks
-2 Vaseoline Lotions

Total Before Coupons: 13.45
Total After Coupons: 10.45

Weekly Total:  $10.79 (If you don’t count the ECBs then the weekly total would be: $14.66)
My total will probably go up by about $6, as we plan to buy a frozen pizza Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Shopping 1/30/12

  1. yay savings!! i love saving money!
    i went to the grocery store yesterday and everything i bought was on sale or i had a coupon for (many both!) and i walked out of there – forgetting to use the gift card that i had (which was one of the reasons i went to begin with!)

  2. A great Christian friend of mine runs BeltwayBargainMom.com, and she’s a semi-local (local to me, a little further from you) so the deals are usually perfect matches!

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