Lists of Gratitude 1/30/12


263. Warm weather and sunshine! We have had unusually warm temperatures for January — in the 60s even!

264. My husband. It seems with each passing day in our marriage I see even more what a gift he is. It truly is amazing to not only marry your best friend but to see that relationship grow and grow with the grace and mercy of our Lord.

265. That we get our girls back soon! A few more days until we go to pick them up.

266. Hearing the heart-beat of our third child growing in my womb.

267. Finding a website that allows me to utilize a kitchen gadget to its fullest (this is especially helpful right now since our oven is out of commission) .

268. Sisters in Christ that provide opportunities for us to beside each other to write the Word of God on our hearts.

269. The persistence of the Holy Spirit.

270. Strong men of God that aren’t wavering in the TRUTH just because it’s unpopular.

271. A pastor that faithfully preaches the Word each week.

272. Opportunities to serve in our church.

273.The chance to laugh, cry, and sharing my heart with the sweet sisters at my church.

274. Morning kisses from my Beloved.


3 thoughts on “Lists of Gratitude 1/30/12

  1. Reading this makes me miss you all the more, my sweetheart. It also reminds me of how blessed I am to have you…in all circumstances. I can’t say that we’ve suffered any in the true sense of the word. But through the frustrations of car troubles, mice, gardening woes, well-pump problems, and yes–broken ovens–I’m glad to share all of that with you and rejoice in the blessings along the way. I can’t thank you enough for your patience with me. I love you, my darling. 🙂

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