Humility: The root.

“… we should have a correct understanding of who Christ is. We should properly understand what really constitutes Him, the Christ, and especially of what may be counted as His chief characteristic — the root and essence of all His character as our Redeemer.

There can be only one answer: is is His humility. What is the incarnation but His heavenly humility, His emptying Himself and becoming man? What is His life on earth but humility exalted to the throne and crowned with glory? “He humbled Himself, therefore God also has highly exalted Him.”

If humility is the root of the tree, its nature most be seen in every branch, leaf and fruit. If humility is the first, all-inclusive grace of the life of Jesus, the secret of His atonement — then the health and strength of our spiritual life will entirely depend upon putting this grace first, too. We must make humility the most important thing we admire in Him, the thing we ask of Him, the one thing for which we sacrifice all else.”
-Taken from: Humility by Andrew Murray

In Christ,


4 thoughts on “Humility: The root.

    • Diane,

      That is so true! In the book in talks a little about how really we either have one of two “roots” in our heart: pride or humility. True humility only comes with a heart changed by God.

      Have a wonderful week, sister!

  1. For Christ to somehow fill human flesh with His essence, to allow Himself to be born into this fallen world, is unimaginable. Can we understand a humility like that? I’m not quite sure we ever can.

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