Lists of Gratitude 1/16/12

Gratitude is the return justly required from the objects of His beneficence; yet it is often withheld from our great Benefactor simply because His goodness is so constant and so abundant.  It is lightly esteemed because it is exercised toward us in the common course of events.  It is not felt because we daily experience it.

-A.W. Pink

256. I’m thankful for God calling my husband to serve the church as deacon. It’s wonderful to me that God reveals His plans/paths to us in His time.


257. Dinner out with my beloved and the conversation that goes with.

258. Waking up to a letter on my pillow from my husband encouraging me to stay in the Word and reminding he is praying for me.

259. The Lord adding to His church daily! We received three new young girls into our membership yesterday after their baptisms! Soli Deo Gloria!

260. Ideas, encouragement and helpful tips on home keeping in books written by other members.

261. Prayers of the saints for each other.

262. Feather pillows, fuzzy socks, and warm & cozy fires on these cold days!

By His Grace,


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