A Prayer For My Husband

Heavenly Father,
Trusting You, relying on You, resting in You is far wiser than seeking our comfort and trust in mere men. You alone, Lord, are Sovereign over all. All being big and small, all creation answers to You alone. Therefore, please, Lord increase my beloved’s trust in You. Cause him to remember daily that You alone are his strength. In times of trouble do not allow him to forget his salvation and his access to call upon the Name above all names. Lord, comtinue to guard him. Guide him into paths of righteousness and keep him from temptation. Remind him, Lord, that you are our only sure protection from evil. Father God, please keep my husband. Protect him, encourage him, grow him in likeness of your Son.
In the name of Christ I offer this prayer. Amen.

On my reading list for January is Prayers of An Excellent Wife and this prayer has been inspired by a prayer in said book. I have only just begun this book but cannot recommend it enough for Christian wives.

With Love,


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