Planning the 2012-13 School Year

I’ve been using my new found insomnia to plan our home-school curricula for the next school year. We are at a point this year that I know what work and where we need to try something different. Next year will be … interesting for us — it’s my first year really schooling two children (Rylee’s learning has been very informal this year as she’s still at preschool age) and I will also, Lord willing, have a new baby to care for. So, this is what next year’s curriculum is shaping up to look like:

The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading
Zaner Blosser Handwriting Series K Student Book
Grade K Paper Ream (Zaner-Blosser also)
Wooden Pattern Blocks

That’s it for Rylee! Aside from supplies and a few coloring books. Most of her reading books will be from the library. She and her sister will do history and science together.

Modern Curriculum Press Spelling Work Out C
First Language Lessons For The Well Trained Mind Level 3
McGuffey’s Third Ecletic Reader
Zaner-Blosser Handwriting: Grade 3 Student Book (as well as a Grade 3 Paper Ream)
Math U See – Beta + Manipulative Set
The Story of The World Vol 1 (+Student Activity Book)
God’s Design For Life: The World of Animals
Latin For Children A
Veritas Press Literature Readers & Comp Guides For Third Grade

Other Resources I’d Like To Get
The Usbourne Internet Linked Encyclopedia
The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia
Black Line Maps of World History: The Ancients
The Amazing Pop-Up Geography Book
2 Audio Tape Recorders or Voice Recorders

So that’s the most of it. Whew! As a lot of you know we follow the non-traditional school schedule of three months on, one month off (this works out the same as the traditional schedule we just don’t take our three months off in the summer like they do.) so the girls can go to see their fathers on the months they are off. Our next break is in January. I hope to, during that break, go though our current materials and get rid of what isn’t working, we aren’t using, won’t need, etc. May will be the next break after January, and I hope to take that time to finalize what I hope our daily schedules will look like for the next school year. I’d like to have all my planning finished by June since our new child is due that month.


8 thoughts on “Planning the 2012-13 School Year

  1. Hollie,
    Your plan looks good! It’s nice to have it all worked out. We are using Math-U-See, too. The scope and sequence is different than other curriculum, but I’ve found it so easy to teach and implement.

    • I have been looking at it off and on for for the past year. I had Emma take a Math placement test to kind of see how well Saxon was really working. It was after that we decided she needed a different type of instruction, because it was obvious while she IS learning these things, she still struggles quite a bit.

  2. Looks good! Will you be coinciding your month off with the arrival of the new baby? As the frazzled mother of a recent addition, I can’t recommend it enough. (In the first month of nursing each of my babies, showering was a great triumph. Eating an unthinkable bonus. lol.)

    • We will probably take at least some time off, maybe a whole month. It really depends on how things go. I’d like Emma to be able to continue with her work she can do on her own, so I’m hoping to get everything here by May so she can start in June and get the hang of things.

  3. Hollie,
    I admire your organization! What a blessing that gift is to your family…it’s a skill I wish I had learned early on. And what a relief it must be to already know what is working and what isn’t. Your days truly will go more smoothly by having everything sketched out.

    And please be sure,my sweet friend, to hold on loosely to your plans. When we welcome a new baby, so much doesn’t go as scheduled, and I think homeschooling Mamas are especially prone to doubting and telling themselves they just can’t do it anymore. Remember the beautiful lessons your daughters will learn as they help care for your new baby. Remember the precious memories you’re storing up, the warmth of home life and the blessing of children. Remember there will be days when all you’ll accomplish is sitting and holding your wee one and reading stories to your older ones. And that is not only ok, it’s WONDERFUL!

    What a joy it is to look forward to meeting this precious gift from God, and how blessed he/she is to be born into a covenant family.

    Love and hugs to you!!

    • Thank you for the kind words and advice Trisha! I hope we do have days just snuggled on the couch or in bed reading stories. Those sound like wonderful memories to make 🙂 I’m just one of those women that ‘needs’ a schedule or I get overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin! Love you!! 🙂

      • Oh, I agree Hollie, and I was in no way saying NOT to have a schedule. It truly does make everything easier when it comes to knowing where to start. Sweet Baby looks precious. Aren’t ultrasounds just amazing?? 🙂

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