Back again.

Today, Google/Blogger deleted my blog that was over there, stating I was in violation of the Terms of Service. I had not backed up my blog so I lost all of my writings. There’s a chance they could restore it, but after reading about it I doubt it. I read of other folks who have been fighting for months to have their blogs restored for deletion by Google for, apparently, no reason.

In light of this, I am back on WordPress because I have never heard of anything like that happening here so I feel I can trust to keep my writings, musings, and family updates here. I hope all my friends will continue to read me over here!



4 thoughts on “Back again.

  1. Oh, Hollie, I am so sorry! Yikes…I should back everything up, I guess. You’ve done a beautiful job here, my friend. I’m praying you can get all your old stuff back, too. Love and hugs!!

  2. That is terrible! I am sorry, Hollie! I hope you recover everything soon.
    The girl who has designed my blogs once gave me the advice, that I should “import” all my blog to WordPress; so I have it all there ( After this that just happened to you, however, I am thinking that I might move back to WP again. We’ll see!
    Meanwhile, know that I have changed the link to your blog. And hey, I love it here, it is very pretty!

    Much love!

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