Praying through the Valley Of Vision

My sweet friend, Becky, shared with her readers a prayer schedule that walks you through the Valley Of Vision. It started yesterday, so won’t you join in? You can use Saturday to catch up, as the plan goes Monday through Friday. 

This is my prayer today after reading in The Valley Of Vision. 

Beautiful photography used with permission from Becky’s collection of photos found here

Father God, 
You are the Maker and Sustainer of all thing. I cannot hide from You or Your ways. Oh God, help me, teach me to seek You and Your ways. Not to run from them in vain. Remind me Lord, it is my privilege to be under Your authority. Let me never forget each second is full of, overflowing with Your patience, mercy and grace toward me. 

Oh Lord, Your ways are perfect. Who has power, wisdom, and purity such as You? Let me rest in Your goodness, allow me to admire Your perfection Lord. Captivate my soul with Your honor and glory. It is here, in Your presence, I am brought to my knees. Your holiness, Your light Lord, reveals the sins hidden deep in my heart: pride, anger, idolatry, lust. I have hated Your law. I neglect to love You. I stand before You, O God, unworthy and condemned. Even my attempts to save myself only further seal the judgement against me. I stand before You, Lord, helpless to my eternal fate. 

But You, Father God, are rich in mercy and love! O Lord, You have saved me from my eternal death sentence through the love and kindness of Jesus Christ! Let me never forget how I need Him. Let the Holy Spirit remind me every second of my neediness for Christ. His cleansing blood restores my soul and puts a song in my mouth. 

May Christ’s sacrifice keep me from sin and comfort my soul today and always.

Amen and amen. 



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