Pinterest: Yummy recipe!

Since getting sucked into the craze that is Pinterest, I’ve made a few recipes found from the site. Tonight I made a super yummy desert recipe for my girls. They were so excited to get a surprise desert dish that I threw together in mere minutes. I didn’t take any pictures of my creation, but this is the photo from Pinterest:
 Can you guess what it is? Chocolate chip cookie dough mug cake. Yummy! And it’s SO easy to do:
  •  Put into a mug: 1 egg + 3 TBSP brown sugar + 1/3 cup flour + 1TBSP softened butter + 3-4 TBSP mini chocolate chips. Mix with a spoon and microwave for 1 1/2 – 2 minutes until set. Enjoy with a dollop of ice cream!
And, it was a big hit all around! 
A couple other things worth mentioning:
  • Tomorrow is my first appointment with my OB. I think it will consist mostly of a pregnancy test and paperwork. I’m looking forward to meeting some of the office staff though. 
  • Today was my hubby’s last day at his current job. The Lord has answered our prayers and promoted him to a new and better job. He starts Monday! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  

I hope you all have a weekend full of love, laughter and Christ! 


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