Happy Reformation Day!

Happy Reformation Day! A joyous day indeed. Today we look back and see saints gone before us that gave their lives to stand firm in the gospel of Jesus Christ. These men and women gave their lives to free people, not just believers, from the tyranny and oppressions of the Mid-evil Roman Church. 
  • Do you enjoy Scripture in your common language? 
  • Do you enjoy Sunday sermons in a language you can understand? 
  • Do you own your own Bible without fear of death for doing so? 
  • Have you benefited from Capitalism? 
  • Are you a woman, if so do you enjoy being deemed worthy and important instead of viewed as property? 
  • Can you deny all people have benefited from the elevation of marriage and family? 

If you enjoy ANY of these things you are indebted to the work of the Reformers. Take a moment to thank God for raising them up and for the fruits of their labors which ultimately come from God almighty who reigns sovereign over all.

To be sure, the Reformers weren’t perfect … no one inhabiting this fallen world is, but God used these imperfect men and women to accomplish much good. Kicking off today and following into November my dear, sweet sister in Christ, Christina, is hosting a series on her blog highlighting some women of the Reformation. Please join us to learn more about these wonderful women. Tomorrow I will be posting a piece on Katharina Von Bora, also known as Katie Luther — the dear wife of Dr. Luther. Hope to see you there!


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