Keach Conference pt I

The Keach Conference was this past weekend and it was amazing. I was tremendously blessed by the preaching/teaching. What an honor to sit under such learned men of our day — for free even! šŸ˜€
The first speaker was Dr. Joel Beeke and his first session was Friday night. He spoke on Divine Providence in regards to affliction in the life of the believer. I thought I’d share my notes. In a week or so all the sermons will be available on sermonaudio and I would greatly encourage you all to listen to them. I will share the links when they are posted.

My notes:

Affliction – happens to all, is not fun, can be traced back to sin, is ordained by God.
Affliction for the believer is NOT PUNITIVE because our sins have already been punished on the cross. It is disciplinary. (Discipline and punishment are not the same thing).

Q. How do you handle afflictions that come your way? How can we give glory to God in the midst of affliction?
A. Affliction is best handled through Christ (Heb 12:3 – “For consider Him (Christ) ….)

7 Ways to Consider Christ in Affliction
1. Consider the Passion of Christ
– The cross, the affliction of Christ.
– Take our afflictions and bring them beside Christ and praise Him for what He did on our behalf.
– Sinlessly He endured all of our temptations – lean on His strength.
– He was strong for you He will give you strength. Do not think you can get through this on your own strength.
– Remember always to consider Christ. This brings glory to God in the midst of our affliction.

2. Remember The Power of Christ
– Consider the power He showed on earth … hos much more now as He sits at the right hand of God will He exercise this power!
– God’s purpose in our afflictions is to strengthen us. He trains & molds us via affliction.
-God will not tempt us beyond what we can bear. Always remember.
– The Lord measures afflictions not by our fault but by what we can endure.
-Remember Paul & Silas in the inner prison. They had the power of Christ.
-Christ is powerful for us, we must go to Him and draw on that power.
– Remember: See affliction as a wonderful opportunity given to you by your Savior.

3. Remember the Presence of Christ
– Jesus is always there. Always.
– He never ceases to forget you for one second.
– You are never out of His mind.
– He is the same always.
– You are always in His presence.

4. Remember The patience & preservation of Christ
– The affliction of affliction is we don’t know when it will end.
– Remember Jesus loves His own until the end.
– He will give you patience & preservation through His. He was patient for us.
– Think of David
– Jesus Christ has been through too much to ever let you go. You were bought with His blood- He will not fail you!
– We are God’s children — He doesn’t grow tired of us or our prayers.
-Be constant in prayer. Cry out to Him.
Prayerless affliction is like an open sore ripe for infection.

(I don’t have notes for number five because I had to hold a fussy four year old :D)

6. Remember the Purposes of Affliction
-Be humbled before God
– God afflicts us to teach us what sin is
– So we will seek God early
Affliction vacuums away the fuel that feeds your pride
– Keeps us in close communion with Christ
– Affliction has a way of weaning us from this world & reorganizing our thoughts toward Christ.
7. Consider the Plan of Christ
-Christ is preparing us to be with Him in glory.
-Remember we are just renting here, our homes are in Heaven.
-We will understand in heaven the need of all our affliction.



4 thoughts on “Keach Conference pt I

  1. Wonderful notes! Thanks for taking and sharing them. I really like this quote: "-Affliction vacuums away the fuel that feeds your pride." Blessings!

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