Lists of Gratitude: 9/29/11

203. Excellent books.
204. Specifically, a wonderful book about how to pray the scriptures.
205.  Our health. Being sick for a week or so really makes you cherish this!
206. To see my daughter get excited about learning Greek with my husband. 
207. The freedom we have in America to worship and live as Christians. 
208. Technology that allows for more unity in the body of Christ. We can quickly know when members are suffering and rejoicing and do so with them!
209. The upcoming Keach Conference. Very excited to sit under the preaching/teaching from wise Godly, men!
210. The access to clean, fresh drinking water. 
211. My children.

212. Situations that I don’t understand that cause me to re-learn to lean on God’s understanding and NOT mine. His thoughts and His ways are far above mine — how quickly I forget this!



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