Menu Planning Mayhem (9/18 -9/24)

My menu is a little plain this week and with out many links to recipes. Why? Because illness has darkened the doorway of the Dermer household. The girls and I have come down with some type of cold/flu virus. I have my moments of feeling better but it isn’t long until the tired run down feeling comes back. So far, Josh has remained healthy. We are praying he stays that way, though tonight he did start to show some symptoms!  We covet your prayers for health and strength!
Anyway, so as my head seems very fuzzy and the rest of me is sore I didn’t feel like scouring the internet for recipes this week. Make sure and check out the rest of the menus being linked up at Desiring Virtue for more links and ideas 🙂
Desiring Virtue

  • Oatmeal w/strawberries.

Lunches (we usually mix and match these)

  • fruit
  • sliced tomatoes
  • sandwiches
  • leftovers 
  • chicken noodle soup (crockpot meal)
  • 15 bean soup w/ corn muffins. 
  • Burritos (using ground up left over beans) w/veggie toppings.
  • sweet and sour meatballs 
  • leftovers 
  • steaks (my parents are coming 🙂 )



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