Lists of Gratitude 9/13/11

I try to record a weekly list of blessings from God. Why do I do this? It’s not for me but to point to Him, to point to God’s kindness, His mercy, His love for a sinner such as myself. He’s blessing abound and it’s the very least I can do to make a public proclamation that the Lord God has been kind to me and thank Him for His blessings. It is only by His grace that I know that all things are a gift from Him and I am thankful.


192. The opportunity to teach my children in my home.

193. God allowing me another day under His grace and in His world.

194. My bread machine.

195. Far away family that works with me to keep our relationship as close now as it was when I lived ten minutes away.

196. A soft place to lay my head at night.

197. Waking up to see our little girls and our dog snuggled on the sofa together.

198. Wonderful books like this and this to work through with my daughters.

199. Being part of a church that takes time to study the Holiness of God.

200. The weather cooling down and witnessing summer fade away as autumn comes.

201. The saints God has gifted the church through the ages that have blessed us with such beautiful hymns.

202. Family movie night.



5 thoughts on “Lists of Gratitude 9/13/11

  1. Hollie,What a blessing to have family who work hard to keep relationships close in spite of the distance.I hope you're enjoying your homeschooling, my friend. My daughter, Emma, and I are working through Beautiful Girlhood right now. And I love Doorposts!Love you!

  2. Hello Hollie,I have landed here after doing a little blog wandering this evening. I see my "friend" Tricia here above. I have enjoyed my lookd around and especially to find another Reformed blogger.Good points to give praise and thanks for here.Ruby ( far away in Australia!)

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