Reopening & a give-a-way!

This blog has been silent for a while.

In the months leading up to my wedding I let this blog fall by the wayside, understandably. Then after getting married I still struggled to make regular posts. Getting a house in order, adjusting to being a full-time mom, running a home, and adjusting to another state had my mind constantly busy. I couldn’t think of any good posts and honestly had no motivation to write. I announced that I would be intentionally stepping away at the beginning of August. I wanted to take some time to decide if I wanted to keep blogging. I wanted to weigh the pros and cons and try to figure out if it was becoming a sin to me (in that it was taking me away from my family.)

So, through out the month of August I prayed, I deliberated with myself, I discussed with my husband. And I’ve come to a conclusion …

I will be keeping my blog!

However, things might be a little different. For starters, I changed the site name from Freckles & Faith to Reformed Redhead, which matches the URL. Other changes include but are not limited to:

  • I might not post regularly. I would like to, but when it comes down to it the blog will be neglected before the family 🙂 I’m hoping to do some normal weekly posts, like my gratitude lists on Mondays for example and post theological thoughts when they come or as highlights to my studies.
  • Also, since I am now a full-time wife and mommy I plan to blog more about home-making. What that will look like exactly I’m not sure yet. But those are the plans/thoughts I’ve come away with from this time of silence.
  • In summary, this will probably look most like a personal blog with recipes, family highlights, and theological ponderings.

To kick off my re-opening, the start of the home-school year, and all things fall I’d like to host a give-a-way. Yay! We all love give-a-ways, right? I’ll be giving away the book: The Enemy Within: Straight Talk About The Power And Defeat Of Sin by Kris Lundgaard.

Now as a disclaimer I have not read this book. But, I really want to! My Beloved has read it and highly recommends it. And from the parts he has read to me it sounds really good. The book focuses on the issue of “indwelling sin” in the Christian. It’s not a topic that we hear a lot about these days, but one that I believe a lot of Christians struggle with.

My husband isn’t alone in his recommendation of this book, Paul Tripp is also recommending it:

“The one area of Biblical teaching that we all tend to minimize is the doctrine of indwelling sin. This book will cure you of that problem, but not in a way that will leave you hopeless and discouraged. The Enemy Within is as honest as anything you will ever read about the power of sin, yet it is infused with the hope of the Gospel.” Paul David Tripp, Lecturer in Practical Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary.

And here is the publisher summary:

This book takes dead aim at the heart of ongoing sin. Drawing from two masterful works by John Owen, Kris Lundgaard offers insight, encouragement, and hope for overcoming the enemy within.

Part One: The Power of Sin in What it is
Part Two: The Power of Sin in How it Works
Part Three: The Power of Sin in What it Does
Part Four: Nailing the Lid on Sin’s Coffin

To enter just fill out the form below! The Providential winner shall be chosen on Friday September 9th, 2011.



10 thoughts on “Reopening & a give-a-way!

  1. Hollie,So glad to hear from you again! You're very wise in keeping the blogging in perspective as it relates to time away from your family and other priorities. So glad you're settling into this new stage of life so well, and I appreciate the prayers and encouragement you've given me, even while away.Love and hugs to you, my friend!

  2. Welcome back (though I have to admit that saying that sounds a little disingenuous since my own blog presence is intermittent at best)…And thanks for the giveaway opportunity!Oh, and love your header!!

  3. Welcome back dear Hollie! I see we are making our way back to the blogosphere at around the same time but i'm so thankful to have been in communication with you all along! 🙂 Thank you for doing this giveaway!

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