Lists of Gratitude 7/25/11

180. Receiving the sign and seal of the Covenant with the Lord! πŸ™‚ Praise God for His faithfulness — I was baptized Sunday.

181. Sprinklers! Such fun in this hot weather.

182. Popsicles.

183. Laughter through out my home.

184. Growth, convictions, and realizations.

185. The creek down the back road we live on. My girls love it.

186. Sundays. Hearing the Word.

187. Discovering more truth each day.

188. Seeing the body intercede without ceasing for a dear sister.

189. Air conditioning.

190. Summer thunderstorms.

191. A bed big enough for all of us (My husband, my two daughters, our dog, cat and myself to cuddle in.)

192. Feeding my children the Word. Watching them chew it slowly, struggling to understand but wanting to. It’s such a blessing to share these truths with our kids!


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