Lists of Gratitude 7/11/11

All things out of God are only like the grass. When we rejoice in anything out of God, it is a childish joy as if we rejoiced only in flowers; after we have drawn out their sweetness we cast them away. All outward things are common to sinners as well as to saints, and without grace they will surely prove snares. At the hour of death what comfort can we have in them any further than with humility and love to God we have used them well? Therefore if we would have our hearts seasoned with true joy, let us labor to be faithful in our several places, and endeavor according to the gifts we have to glorify God.
-Richard Sibbes

169. My impending baptism! I will, Lord willing, be baptized on the 24th! I cannot explain how excited I am for this.

170. The Equipping Hour (which is the Sunday School class before worship services) at my church. How wonderful it is to be taught the things of the Lord!

171. Fresh paint on the walls.

172. Long talks with my beloved. Discussing our future, our short-comings … our life.

173. That God saw fit to give me a loving husband to walk with me through this life.

174. Cute songs, sweet laughs and the priceless expressions that become part & parcel of your home when children are there.

175. John Calvin. Yesterday was his birthday. The man did so much for the church, and for America (his writings had a big influence on our government.)

176. That God has placed godly women around me, online and in day-to-day life, which I can go to for help, advice, and guidance.


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