Lists Of Gratitude: 6/20/11

152. I’m still rejoicing and thanking God for His wonderful gift of marriage to us. It’s such an amazing creation!

Marriage was the last relic of paradise left among men, and Jesus hasted to honour
it with his first miracle.” -Spurgeon

153. The gift of photography. We have just received some of our wedding photos back, and I’m so thankful for them! How wonderful that God would give someone the idea to invent photography, to develop as much as it is today, and give certain people the gift to take excellent photos.

Our wedding cake

Our lovely daughters.

Right after feeding one another cake.

154. The grace to see Providence in so many ways. To see God continually working out our fallen lives to His glory is amazing.

155. An excellent sermon, reminding the body of the importance of prayer.

156. All the problems and joys that come with home ownership. What a tool of sanctification this will be!

157. Fellowship with our family in Christ.


4 thoughts on “Lists Of Gratitude: 6/20/11

  1. O Hollie, these photos are just beautiful! I rejoice with you, praying that you will grow in grace and love to one another every day.Hugs to you today,

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