I promise, I’m alive!

I promise I’m still alive! I’ve just fallen off the face of the bloggin’ world. The wedding is so close and, as expected, things have been busy. June 4th will be here in no time! I cannot believe how close it is. I’m finally starting to get slightly nervous about being the center of attention for a whole afternoon.

I’ve spent most of April and May between Virginia and Ohio. We are trying to get the house unpacked and ready to go by the time the wedding is here. All the wedding plans are coming together pretty smoothly. Through out this whole planning process it has been astounding to see God’s graciousness toward us. We have been showered with blessings! Our Lord has certainly given His people the hearts of servants. So many people have came forward to help us have a beautiful wedding day. It’s no secret we are on a tight budget. We pretty much have one income, and most of our savings has went into fixing up the old farmhouse we plan to call home. It had no real major issues, but all those minor ones add up after a while. Honestly, if it was not for the kindness of our local church here, my church back in Ohio, and our families we would not be able to pull off what we have. Some how, not only do I get to marry the man of my dreams, live in the type of house I’ve always wanted, and just be a mom like I’ve wanted to do for so long, but I also get the type of wedding I have always wanted! It’s truly amazing and it would be impossible with out God. It has been truly humbling to watch Him orchestrate all of this.

And, while it seems as there is only rejoicing to be done there is some sadness. I’m leaving my best friends — my parents, and moving eight hours away. The last couple of weeks have been sprinkled with sporadic tears as it begins to sink in that I won’t be able to just drive over to see them anytime I wish. It’s not just my parents, my closest friends and family are all in Ohio. I’ve never lived anywhere but there for the last twenty-six years.  So, it’s very bittersweet for me. I’m overwhelmed with the joy of marrying Josh, starting our life and becoming part of our church here. But, there is that hint of sadness. I trust that with frequent visits, calls, emails, letters, and webcams we will all make the best of the distance. I would appreicate prayer, for myself and my family as we transition through this new stage in life.

I am hoping to be back to blogging after the wedding! So, Lord willing I will *see* you all in June.  Oh, and I promise to share wedding pictures with you all! :o)

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8 thoughts on “I promise, I’m alive!

  1. Hollie, I'm praying for much grace for you in this transition.Please, please, please post wedding pictures!! I am so happy for you, Josh, and your girls!

  2. *hugs* I am so happy for you and so proud. I know how you feel about leaving your family and friends. Though I'm not 8 hours away,sometimes it feels like it. God will help you adjust and you will have peace from Him. Love ya!

  3. I am so excited for you! We will be praying for you as the big day and the move get closer. Did you end up closing on the house you had pictures of in the earlier blog? How are your kids holding up with all the stress and excitement? Should our kids be praying for them, too? Sorry for all the questions – can't wait to see some wedding photos!

  4. Yes honey…we know you are alive and are all praying for you and rejoicing with you! Don't worry about the blogging world — unless the Lord returns the cyberworld will still be here when you get back! Love you and praying for all that concerns you during this season!!!

  5. Happy times for you sweet Hollie. 🙂 I understand your feelings about being 8 hrs away from family. Our son and his family are that far from us too. Knowing that it's only a day's drive, and not clear across the country really helps a bunch! God bless you.

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