Lists of gratitude 4/11/11

What is the difference between Noah and his family and all the rest of the world? What is it that marks out Abraham? What is the thing that picked him out of the Pagan atmosphere in which he was brought up?It was this relationship to God. He was a God-centered man, a man who relied upon God and depended upon him and who had a sense of dependence on and of gratitude to God.”~Martyn Lloyd Jones

141. That God have given us such a lovely home here on earth. The flowers, the trees, the grass, the colors … it’s so beautiful.

142. That God, in His common grace, holds most men back from being as vicious and wicked as they truly could be.

143. That God is sustaining this universe, our ecosystems, our bodies, all our structures …

144. The cute freckles that are starting to appear sprinkled across my girls’ noses.

145. Matthew Henry’s A Method For Prayer. (Or here.)

146. That I can spend a month listening to Godly women talk about Doctrine in The Kitchen.

147. God showing me over and over again the truth to be found in Matthew 6.

148. A future husband that is Godly, and ready to take on the Biblical role of husband as leader, provider and protector of the family.

149. The graciousness of  several families in my future church – one of which is catering our reception for us. It’s been such a joy planning with them.

150. That I get to see my beloved again soon. I hope to head down this week. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Lists of gratitude 4/11/11

  1. I love that quote from Lloyd-Jones, Hollie! How wonderful that the ladies in your new church are embracing you with such open arms and generous hearts. What a gift from the Lord! I'm so happy for you!

  2. Hello, Hollie! So glad to "meet" you as well; thanks for your visit and comment at my site. I like your list, much to be thankful for, and your gratitude inspires and prompts my own. So, thank you. #146 is a blessing to me as well

  3. I am so grateful for you, for the women in the kitchen, and for the Matthew Henry's Method of Prayer.. it is my favorite prayer companion.Love you, sister!

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