Thankful Thursday

 Normally, I don’t do “Thankful Thursdays” on my blog. But, I am so thankful for what I saw in my daughters last night that I wanted to share.

Last night was awful. I completely my lost my cool with my children and yelled very unkind words at them. They weren’t even doing anything super wrong, just being kids, really. I could make up excuses for my behavior. But I won’t. It happened because I’m a sinful woman, and for a moment I had lost sight of who owns me (Jesus). I had let the Cross slip out of my mind. After all this I pulled my girls close, all of us crying, and I apologized and asked for their forgiveness. Through tears I told them I was sorry I was such a bad mommy, so often lately and that I felt like I didn’t know how to be a good mommy.

Rylee, my four year old, said to me: “Mommy, when you are selfish you have to remember that God sent his son Jesus and His blood covers our dirty hearts. You have to believe that, Mommy. That’s the only thing that can make you change. Nothing else will work.”

Emma, my eight year old, forgave me before I even asked. She held me close and reassured me that her love for me was not conditional. She knows that’s not how love works.

And I was floored. God just used my four-year old to preach the Gospel to me in love. I was humbled. It was what I had to  hear. I could refocus. I could repent. I was reminded of the only thing that matters. God uses the littlest people.

I pray that I could learn from my kids. That I could be as quick to forgive and understand what love truly is, even during hard times.

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8 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Oh, Hollie, praise the Lord! This is one of the humbling and beautiful and God glorifying parts of being a Mama! It's also another reason I get so frustrated with those who don't think little children can truly understand the Gospel. Your daughter knows it better than so many adults.I'm thanking God with you today and praising Him with you for the grace He shows us through our children.Love and hugs to you, my friend!

  2. Dear Hollie, I praise God with you today! I am grateful that our God opens our hearts to see our sin and opens a way for us to reach into our children's hearts!I remember you in all (well… in many, many) of my prayers.Hugs to you today!

  3. Been there, done that.Don't know if I handled it as well as you, though. Humility is such a tough one! You are doing a great job with your girls:)

  4. Wow Hollie! Out of the mouth of babes! You are so blessed to have such wonderful children. See Mommy, you ARE doing something right…in fact VERY right!God bless you sweetie.oh, and I love your Daisypath!

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