Weekend Links 3/18/11

The weekend is here! I’m going down to visit my brother this weekend :o)  I will be sharing with you all pictures of our home soon. I just haven’t had a chance to organize them yet. Here’s some links you can enjoy this weekend:

1. The Women Of Galilee @ Heavenly Springs
2. Octavius Winslow’s book Help Heavenward Chapter 8 @ Daily On My Way To Heaven 
3. Lord, Where Are You Going @ Desiring God

From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.
James 3:10

 May you all have a weekend full of our blessed Savior, Jesus Christ!

Be Blessed,


8 thoughts on “Weekend Links 3/18/11

  1. Hollie, Thank you for linking to my blog!I really appreciate Christina's post, The Women of Galilee, it really ministered to my soul.Hope you have a great weekend!Love you! 😉

  2. Hollie,Thank you so much for including The Women of Galilee link on your post. I am humbled! Also, Steven and I watched that video once before — can't help but wonder how close to reality that depiction was for far too many couples/families in the body. It's a reminder that we must pray unceasingly for marriages. Love you dearly and have a beautiful weekend with your girlies! xoxoxo

  3. A family of four with a 12 passenger van? 🙂 Seriously, that video made me cry. Oh the mixed messages children can get when we frown upon them and our spouses and smile upon others. And any parent knows Satan works overtime on Sunday mornings. God help us all reflect the love of Christ in all we do.

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