TULIP: L is for Limited Atonement? Part 1

I’m doing the post(s) on limited atonement slightly different. I’m going to give a brief explanation of limited atonement in this post and ask for any objections (from Scripture).

So, what is limited atonement? Just what it sounds like – the idea that Jesus did not atone for everyone. Basically, Jesus did not die for everyone. And, if you believe in Hell then you believe in some idea of limited atonement. If you deny this then you are okay with people in hell saying, “Hey! But Jesus died for me too!” So, who did Jesus die for? The elect, i.e. the people that will be in heaven at the end of the age.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Let’s hear your disputes with Scripture references. If you cannot back your dispute with Scripture I won’t be responding to it. I plan to work any disputes into my longer explanation – which I hope to have posted by the end of next week.

Be Blessed,

PS. If you happened to see this post with tons of typos and misspelled words I apologize. I published it before proof reading on accident!


7 thoughts on “TULIP: L is for Limited Atonement? Part 1

  1. Well, my friend, I couldn't have said this better myself. You are one of the bravest Reformed women I know! : ) This idea of limited atonement is so foreign to most Christians and is also probably the most misunderstood of the five points. Rightly understood however, it truly strengthens the Gospel proclamation! You probably already have this book but Boice & Ryken in The Doctrines of Grace have a very helpful discussion of several of the so-called "problem texts." None of which hold any water when understood within proper context!Bravo on your series my friend! You are my hero! xoxoxo

  2. I don't have that book actually … my fiance might though. He has most of the meaty/theological books. It's an awesome bonus to be marrying into such an awesome library! 😉 I hope your study group on TULIP is continuing to go well too! Is it meeting weekly?

  3. Yes; that is definitely one of the benefits/perks of marriage! You get to increase the size of your library in a single swoop! : ) Funny — he said the same thing when you won the Thomas Watson giveaway! As for the study group it does not meet weekly but rather monthly. We are breaking it up like this: One Doctrine of Grace one month, which as you know is considered "topical", then Kim does two months expositional (we're going through 2 Timothy, then I will do One Doctrine of Grace one month, then she will do 2 expositional, then I will do a Doctrine of Grace. It gives everyone enough time to study and get it in their spirits. So, my class on unconditional election will be in June. Still trying to wrap this little brain around it all! I thank God for these Doctrines that so changed my life and put me on such solid ground. Anyway love, pray you have a beautiful grace-filled day! Love and blessings!

  4. Christina – That sounds like a great set up to have for the study group. 🙂 Trisha- Thank you! Much love to you too!Petra- Thank you! Have a blessed weekend! Love you!

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