Weekend Links 3/11/11

I can’t believe another weekend is here already! Wow, time flies. Before, I share my links with you I wanted to update on some news. Within the past two weeks we put an offer on a home and then accepted the seller’s counter offer. The next step is a home inspection and this is happening tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM EST. As long as the home has no major problems we will be keeping it. I’m praying the home inspection goes well and if you want to lift up a prayer for us we’d forever appreciate it. Okay … on to the links 🙂
  1. Pigs Can’t Sweat & Some People Can’t Change @ Competent Counseling – It’s hard to watch the ones we love make bad choices, but we can’t change them. Excerpt: “Our responsibility is to love, teach, pray, and model the life of Christ before others. It is not our job to change others. Change is what God does. You will know if you have crossed the line with your friends and loved ones if you sin against them while trying to get them to change.” 
  2. God’s Love & God’s Wrath @ Feast For The Soul – Does God love the sinner and hate the sin? A look at God’s love and God’s wrath. Excerpt: One evangelical cliché has it that God hates the sin but loves the sinner. There is a small element of truth in these words: God has nothing but hate for the sin, but this cannot be said with respect to how God sees the sinner.     
  3. His Commandments Show His Love @ Renewing Thoughts -A reminder why did God give us His commandments? Does he need us to obey them? Excerpt: Keeping the commandments is not a “helpful” service we render unto God. He existence and purposes are not dependent on us.
  4. Our Confession To The World & Mother Teresa … Again *sigh* – Why we should not compare Jesus to any mere human … in this case Mother Teresa.
  5. Lastly, Michael Horton gives us a good reminder on what exactly the Gospel is and what is it not.
Please, please pray for this family. They lost seven of their eight children in a fire and as if that were not enough the media is attempting to vilify the family. I do not know this family, I do not know if they are believers … but I know either way they need prayers now. Here’s the link:  http://www.wsws.org/articles/2011/mar2011/fire-m10.shtml

May you all have a weekend full of God’s mercy, love, and peace!

Be Blessed,


3 thoughts on “Weekend Links 3/11/11

  1. Thanks for the links! I actually had no idea about Mother Teresa, although I never really thought about her one way or the other. So sad about that family; the media is just pouring salt on the wound.

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