Weekend Links 2/25/11

 1. Are You A Recovering Razor Mouth @ Your Sacred Calling -A wonderful piece, especially for people like me that are prone to end up in online debates. Excerpt: “For many years, my natural inclination was to “speak the truth,” defining love only by how boldly I spoke; rather than how much grace my words contained. My attitude was often, “I’m ‘standing up for the truth;’  it’s your problem if you can’t take it.” Have you ever done that?”

2. Struggling With His Energy @ Give Them Grace – Encouraging article for parents. Excerpt: “What freedom, what joy! I can go forward today with full confidence that he will have his way in my life and in my children’s life. We can rest in his power together. I don’t have to change their hearts, I can trust in Him to work through me in their lives. When I don’t see the changes happen in their lives that I think need to happen, I can rest in His work.”

3. Pro Aborts to Shutdown Government to save Planned Parenthood @  Students For Life Steve Macias. Article giving a briefing of the pro-aborts’ reaction to the Pence amendment (cutting federal funding for Planned Parenthood) recently passed through the house. Please, Americans, urge your senators to vote for life!

4. The prayer that damns many to hell.

“Let those be thy choicest companions who have made Christ their chief companion.” ~Thomas Brooks

Be Blessed,

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Links 2/25/11

  1. Interesting links. I'm not sure I liked that last one, though. The video. I know what he was saying and agree with him, but it was not clearly presented. If a non-believer or someone who believes they've been saved by the prayer were to watch that, I really don't think they'd "get" it. "Okay, so that prayer didn't save me; what will?" I guess it just wasn't specific enough for me.

  2. Interesting point, Raina. I didn't quite think of that. I hope that if that does happen, the person would search out the word, or talk with a pastor to get further information – and, to me, that would be a positive. (Or they could go to the website on the video where there is more info.)

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