Quotes from Octavius Winslow

“The lesson of our and deep sinfulness, the weakness, impurity, and vileness of the flesh, that in there ‘dwelleth no good thing’, is the daily, hourly lesson of the Christian’s life. If we ever extract any honey from the precious declaration, ‘By grace are ye saved’, it is under the pressure of our personal and inexpressible vileness and nothingness. Into this bitter cup the Lord distills the sweetness and savour of his most free and rich grace.”

“The tenderness which the blood imparts, the conviction of indebtedness which divine grace gives, deepens the sensibility of sin; and although standing beneath the shadow of the cross and reading our pardon there, the conviction of its exceeding sinfulness is not the less, but all the more, acute. The cure, though removed, has left its lingering shadow upon the soul, and this, to a saint of God, is no little burden. And when to this is added the faltering of the Christian walk, the flaw of service, the imperfection of worship, the dead insect tainting the perfume of the sacred anointing, the dust upon the sandal, the trailed robe, the concealed but no less real ans sinful desire of the heart, its foolishness, and inconstancy, oh, is there no painfully felt burden in all this to a mind whose moral perceptions are alive and whose spirituality covets the close and hold walk with God?”

“You can well afford to part with a creature’s compassion and help, since it but makes room for Christ. Ah, five minutes of experience of his love in the heart is worth more than an eternity of the creature’s. And seldom do we think, as we feel the human arm droop, and the human eye withdrawn, and are conscious of the chill that has crept over the warm bosom upon which we fondly leaned, that Jesus is but preparing us for a more full and entire enthronement of himself in our soul.”

Be Blessed,


2 thoughts on “Quotes from Octavius Winslow

  1. "And seldom do we think…that Jesus is but preparing us for a more full and entire enthronement of himself in our soul."Aren't we just so forgetful? Blessed as always Hollie.

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