Flee False Teachers

 Some wise words from William S. Plumer, a saint of the church and a Baptist preacher from the 1800s.

“Late in life the Apostle of the circumcision said to his Christian friends: “there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, and will bring swift destruction on themselves.” (2 Pet. 2:1). His beloved brother, the Apostle of the Gentiles, gave a like warning: “I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. So be on your guard! Remember that for three years I never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears.” (Acts 20:29-31). With such warnings from God’s Word, we should not be surprised to find that in every age the Church of God has been tried by the deceits and errors of men, who concerning the faith were reprobate. We should expect such things, and watch, and stand firm, and not be shaken. There have always been “false brethren,” and “false teachers,” as there were formerly “false apostles,” “false prophets,” and even “false Christs.”
False teachers are those who teach false doctrine. Grievous wolves are they who make havoc of the flock of Christ. Such often gain advantage over weak but godly men, by teaching with zeal and clearness some important truths. These are intended to put a coat of sugar over the poisonous pills they administer. Modern Perfectionists prate much about holiness, and thus persuade men that their system cannot be bad, while yet they are sapping the very foundations of good morals. Antinomians often speak with power of the richness and freeness and sovereignty of Divine grace; and yet all the while, they are turning the grace of God into a license for sin, and making Christ the minister of sin. Men who exalt human nature, commonly urge that they are trying to give correct notions of the dignity of man, and to awaken a deep sense of responsibility. By thus mixing error with truth, men hope that their false doctrines will pass unsuspected. Let no man be deceived. The nature of falsehood is not changed by mingling it with truth. Counterfeit money often has good bills mingled with it.” Source
The video above is close to eleven minutes long, but it’s such a good message. Every Christian needs this reminder. Please, please listen!
The next video is one a dear brother shared with me. It’s calling out false teachers on a popular “Christian” network: TBN. Please be wary of what these folk teach! Make sure you check EVERYTHING with scripture. Personally, I think they should be avoided at all costs as I have seen them exposed as wolves in sheep’s clothing time and time again .
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12 thoughts on “Flee False Teachers

  1. Wow; he was so emotional and you could really tell it came from his heart. I watched the second one before watching the first, and as he spoke I just kept thinking of those people on TBN. Seth was even amazed at what they were stating on TBN.

  2. Who came first, the deceivers or those wanting their ears tickled? I wonder if many would realize the error if they only cracked open their Bibles. But if there is no desire for the word of God, has regeneration even taken place?Very sad, very sad.

  3. That's a powerful video!! I've never heard of him. He was very passionate and real.Now on the second one, I have heard John Hagee preach many times and have never heard him say Jesus did not come to be Messiah. I've not read that book,so may be I just missed it. I respect him highly,so I will look into that. I don't want to follow false teachers. But I believe Israel are God's chosen people still,and that is something he does preach on. Thanks for the links!! Oh those other ones I have heard them say those such things. It is insane!!!

  4. Heather,I watched the second one too, and they are really taking the things Hagee says and making them sound monstrous. I don't agree with everything John Hagee teaches, but his theology is non replacement, which does seem heretical to those who are of the replacement camp. IMO, he is not a false teacher, but I would certainly check everything he says with the word…Eat the meat and spit out the bones:)

  5. I thought the same thing,that they were working the video to their benefit,but like I said I have not read the book or heard him talk about it. I don't get to watch him often,I used to watch him a lot,but time doesn't allow. What do you mean his theology is non replacement? Yeah I am sure there are things I don't agree with him on,but we aren't robots. I don't agree with my husband on everything either.

  6. Hagee has admitted that he believes there is two ways to gain salvation, one by faith through Christ and one by being a Jew. He also uses scripture to promote his own political agenda (i.e. supporting Israel no matter what). Why is this a problem? Israel is, over all, a very anti-Biblical, anti-God nation. They are very pagan, sinful, and horrific. Why should Christians vote for America to support them? If Christians really wanted to stand by Israel no matter what they'd put their money to fund missions there to proclaim the Gospel to the lost instead of supporting an anti-Christian country and refusing to say anything about their sins because they are "the chosen ones." It grieves me to know of the people Hagee is leading to hell with his messages.

  7. Hi Heather,Hagee believes as do many Christians that God is not finished with the nation of Israel so far as salvation is concerned….that the church has not "replaced" Israel and that all the OT promised of an earthly kingdom still apply and will literally come to pass in the future.As far as his politics go, he is probably wrong in a lot of ways. Hollie is right in saying that the secular nation of Israel at this present time is just as lost as any other unbelievers. I don't believe that there is two plans of salvation at all…just that in the future, there will be a remnant of national Israel saved at the end of this age. They will be saved through faith in Jesus just like everyone else.

  8. Ma- Just wanted to clarify I wasn't implying you or anyone else was doing the things I said in my previous comment. I knew you didn't believe in the two ways of salvation thing from previous convos. I hope it didn't come off otherwise. My sincere apologies if it did. 🙂

  9. Oh no Hollie, No apology necessary. I have other dear sisters that don't agree with me on the Israel thing, it is not a salvation issue, so it shouldn't be divisive imo. I can't wait to get to Heaven and then we'll all have our theologies straightened out:)!

  10. Thanks for explaining Hollie and Ma. 🙂 I will have to dig deeper into that about Hagee. It's sad really. I do believe there will be a remnant from Israel. I also agree they are a wicked nation,like us all. I think we definitely need to send the gospel there and not just support them with money. Guess it's somethings I have to look into. But time gets away from me during the day. :-/ Kids,cooking,dishes,and so on for me to really look in depth at some of the modern day Pastors. Guess the best thing I could do it not listen to them until I know more,or listen when I can to see what they say. We don't financially support anyone like that,so no worries there lolAnd I do not believe in 2 ways of salvation. There is one,Jesus Christ. 🙂 You knew that though Hollie. This is so great!!! Thanks for bringing things to light and explaining!

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