Lists of gratitude 2/21/11

We are having a hard time finding a home. I wish I could say I have been standing a 100% firm in faith and not letting this situation shake me. But, I’ve had moments of fear and panic. It seems like we have about two months to find a home, and after so many dead-ends and let downs in the home search I feel very discouraged. But, God is faithful. This I know. He will provide a home of some sort to us. I trust in this. A home is a need, isn’t it? The Bible says God provides our needs.  My beloved and I have taken turns constantly reminding each other of Matthew 6:25 (to be fair, most times it is him  reminding me -not the other way around).  Would you please pray for us? That we remain strong in faith and trust and that the Lord would reveal to us the home He has chosen for us. Thank you so much!

As always, I do have much to rejoice and be thankful for.

71. Family. This has probably made the list before, but I’m so thankful for my family. My children, my parents, my brother, and my former-in-law family.

72. Our pets. I love my little dog; she keeps me company on nights my daughters are away. And Emma, loves her horse.

73. My church challenging us to memorize scripture. Emma and I both passed our test last week!

74. The new covenant. I’ve been reading through Leviticus and I’m so thankful to not be under the old covenant.

75. Modern medicine. This is another thing that the reading in Leviticus has made me appreciate!

76. A patient beloved! I’m so thankful that he shows such patient and kindness toward me in my “bad” moments.

77. Church history! Oh, how I wish I would have studied this at a younger age. It’s so amazing!

78. Struggles. They really refine my heart and I need that.

79. A iced-hazelnut latte! Yum!

Be Blessed,


5 thoughts on “Lists of gratitude 2/21/11

  1. Don't panic, my husband and I found a house…wait…start over. My husband and I 'found and bought' a home in 2 weeks! And neither of us had jobs. We quit those so we could move, lol, we were not the smartest cookies in the jar! Of course we panicked when we had realized what we had done… but there still remained One who was a lot smarter. Thank God!!! Love and blessings!

  2. I am so happy to read your list…I am grateful that when we panic; He doesn't change. He is faithful and takes care of His own.I will keep you in my prayers.

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