Lists of gratitude.

31. The growing pro-life view in young people.

32. Such an awesome church family here in Virginia. 

33. Feather pillows.

34. Traffic, because it gives me more time to just sit and talk with my beloved 🙂

35. Peace and settlement on my baptism issue.

36. Hand and toe warmers.

37. Assurance in my salvation. Praise God!!

38.  Winning a book a give-away from my friend Christina AND getting an awesome leather journal as a surprise! 🙂

39. A warm hotel room.

40. A fiance that will run out and get pull-ups at the last minute 🙂

Be Blessed,


8 thoughts on “Lists of gratitude.

  1. I needed to see something like this today… Of course it's not my list – it's yours… but it did remind me to focus on the positive things and no work through and then shrug off the negative.

  2. Lauren, Tina, Valerie, and Raina – Yep. After talking it over in depth with Pastor Steve I am going to be baptized. If any of you want more specifics let me know 🙂

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