Weekend Reading 1/21/10

1. Shocking Photos Of Gosnell Murder Victims Included in Grand Jury Report– This report shows us the murder victims of the Philadelphia abortion doctor. It’s articles like these that put a face on abortion, in my opinion. I encourage everyone to read, pray for the people involved, and share this article.

2.  My Brother Devin – Please, please go and read about Devin. He is a brother in Christ that needs our prayers. Please pray for him and his family. ( I don’t know this people personally. They are a friend of a friend. But we are all part of the same family.)  Also, please visit Praying For David and keep my dear friend Trisha‘s cousin in your prayers as well.

3. Obama Must Address Human Rights, Forced Abortions, With Hu – This is a great article that brings to light the seriousness of the situation in China with their one-birth policy. I cannot imagine having a forced abortion. Please pray for these women and families. 

4. Three Anglican Bishops Become Catholic Priests – This is a short article about three Anglican Bishops becoming Catholic Priests in London. Remember to pray for our brothers and sisters in places like Europe. Often Europe is not considered a country in need of missions, like so many others … but it is. As, always pray for the church as our Lord continues to refine us. Seeing movements of ecumenicalism like this can be disheartening, but remember God is sovereign over all.

Be Blessed,


8 thoughts on “Weekend Reading 1/21/10

  1. There was an article in World awhile back about the forced abortions in China, focusing on one woman's story. Absolutely heartbreaking! I can't imagine anybody thinking that this is okay. What a fallen world we live in.

  2. When it comes to abortion (and this situation in China particularly), we can't expect our leaders to stand in the gap. They've either sold out or are otherwise compromised. Political kingdoms rise and fall, but the church is a constant. There will always be a remnant. And that remnant must always be salt and light. The good news is that the Gospel continues to spread into China. We may not see it from our vantage point, but there is no doubt much fruit being produced by these brethren.

  3. "Political kingdoms rise and fall, but the church is a constant. There will always be a remnant. And that remnant must always be salt and light."Amen, Josh! Hollie, thank you for the links! Love you dearly my sister!

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