Theology Matters

When you start to really study the Bible and dig into theological things it can be intimidating. There’s a lot of big, hard to pronounce, words out there relating to theology. But, I think it is vitally important for each and every Christian to look into theology. Instead of just studying God or His word we tend to relate it back to ourselves. Churches are full of watered down Bible studies that you never really learn anything from aside from how to do life better. We learn how to better deal with our struggles, our short comings, our sins … it’s me me me me!
Now, I’m not suggesting the Bible doesn’t serve the purpose of personal application. I am a big believer that you can get answers from the Bible for just about any problem or calamity you face in life. However, I do not think this should be the main type of Bible studying we do. I think we should study the Bible to know God, to learn to revere our Lord and Savior. To learn the history of our brothers and sisters in Christ … to look in awe at just how amazing God is. Redemptive history is really breath-taking and (in my opinion) it’s far more important than learning God’s purpose for your life. (And just to save you $20 on a book I can answer that one for you … God’s purpose for you? To glorify Him. )

“Wimpy theology makes wimpy women.” – John Piper

Whether you agree or disagree with Dr. Piper’s teachings I think we should all agree that the above statement is correct. As women we should be strong in our theology. It should be our goal to easily articulate what we believe and why. A lot of women will someday be (or are already mothers) … you are going to play a big role in the theology your child learns. Do your children see you reading books about how God can better your life or will they see you digging into the Word, yearning to know God in the midst of whatever problems you have? If your children ever encounter atheist or evolutionists that push them on their beliefs … will they have a strong theological foundation to stand on? Or will they have moralistic, therapeutic deism?
The church is in a state of despair to say the least. The types of things going-down in Christian churches today is highly alarming, and this is just another reason we need to be able to proclaim the Truth loudly. Here are a couple of links to insanity that has happened in the church as of late:
I know that’s only two, but there’s more. Just look around at how much church focuses on the youth and trying to be “cool” enough to attract kids. It’s really sad. I think one of the main remedies to this is getting back to the Bible. Read the Bible, read your church’s catechism. It used to be no big thing for children and adults to have tons of scripture memorized. To know what they believed and why was normal. Catechizing kids was a normal part of family life. I think we need to get back to that and it starts with recognizing as adults that theology DOES matter.

Be Blessed,

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6 thoughts on “Theology Matters

  1. Hollie — this was Awesome with a capital A!!! I love what you have written and how you have written it! I am with you 100% — and John Piper, too! "Wimpy theology makes wimpy women! " Lord, I don't want to be wimpy!!! Thank you for this encouragement! Love you so much my sister!

  2. This was a great post!! I never really bought books about how to better yourself. I haven't done many Bible studies that I bought. I do like Beth's Moore studies that I have done. She has more out about some of the disciples I want to do. I guess I lean toward a study b/c it seems organized for me? Does that make sense? I have read many of the Gospels over and over and I am always amazed at what I miss. I LOVE the Old Testament though. I love I & II Kings and Chronicles. It is sad that people do not long to read the Bible as they used too. And even more sad our families are not founded on the Word. Like you said adults and children use to memorize scripture like crazy. It's not that way now or as much. I still memorize scripture. I can remember ones that I did learn at a young age and still know them. The Youth Ministry in our churches is sad. My brother was our Youth Director at one time. He did not try to water it down and it angered some parents. Why would you want your child partaking in the world and the Church?? Our kids may not be in a youth group,if they are,they will be taught at home the true purpose-to glorify God. Another thing is many parents expect the church to raise their kids,no that is your job at home. They learn at home first and what they learn there should be reinforced at church in my opinion. Okay sorry,got on a rant lolI want to read on more our founders. I love reading missionary books! I have a passion for that! Okay I'll hush now. πŸ™‚

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