Lists of Gratitude

Today has the potential to be a somewhat exciting day for us. We are hoping to receive the final pieces of information that will help us in deciding if we will place an offer on the house we’ve been looking at. House shopping is serious stuff! I had no idea how hard it would be. It doesn’t help that we are two states apart either. I am trying to constantly remind myself how awesome it is that God has allowed for us to buy a home on one income. I also remind myself that God already knows our perfect house and what our address will be … we just have to seek His will in this 🙂 

On to my Monday list! 

11. The beautiful seasons of nature. 

12. Humbling circumstances.

13. Long visits with an old friend.

14. Sharing in the joy of a baby in the womb. (My best friend is expecting!)

15. Heat during these cold months.

16. A church that preaches the Word with out apology.

17. An opurtunity to memorize scripture as a church body.

18. My Dad!

19. Children that apologize and ask for forgiveness hard moments at home.

20. The Lord teaching me to see hard moments as moments to show grace and times to stretch and grow in Him.   

Be Blessed,


9 thoughts on “Lists of Gratitude

  1. Hollie, I'm so excited for you! Did I miss an important post? Do you have a "date" set yet?Can all your blogger friends come?:) Or at least "virtually" – Blessings!

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