Lists of Gratitude

 My friend, Becky, shares a list of things she is grateful for each Monday. It’s a growing list and she’s on number 1053 as of her post today! I decided a while ago that this was something I wanted ti incorporate into our lives this year. I’m not sure if we will make a family gratitude journal or an ebeneezer box or what exactly. But, each Monday I want to share part of our list on this blog. It’s important to give public thanks to God for His active hand in our lives. Today is the first Monday in 2011, so this will be my first lists of gratitude entry.

1. Exciting packages in the mail.

2. Safe travels.

3. Providential Sunday School Classes

4. Covenant Reformed Baptist Church 

5. Praying friends.

6. The Word.

7. Warm, hugs from a daughter I’d been away from.

8. A comfy bed after a looong drive.

9. Wearing the same size clothing as my mother.

10. Our dog.

Be Blessed,


7 thoughts on “Lists of Gratitude

  1. I just came from Becky's gratitude list and love to see the list continue here! It is so encouraging to see that gratitude, whether expressed in writing, thought, or action is a beautiful and precious fruit of a true believer! Blessings!

  2. I have been so blessed by Becky's expressions of gratitude, and also a few of our other blogging sisters in the Lord who take time out to do it! It's a wonderful exercise to help cultivate a heart of gratitude, which is certainly one mark of a godly woman! Love you my dear sister!

  3. What a beautiful surprise!Gratitude is a beautiful way to find contentment in our lives. Being grateful is indeed a gift from Above! By nature we are ungrateful; by nature we love to complain; practicing the habit of giving thanks has helped me to overcome discontent.May God help us!And, YES, I raise my voice with you today to raise my voice to praise our Father Above from whom all blessings flow!{{Hugs}}

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