Public School

Recently we had to make a hard decision in our home. As anyone that knows me is aware, I am a huge proponent of home schooling.  I truly believe the public school system in America is broken. Emma spent her kindergarten year in public school and we were not impressed to say the least.

She spent her first-grade year in a private, Christian school (We also ran into doctrinal issue with this school as well). In both schools we had issues with bullying. So, this year we opted to home school. Since, I am a single mom this was very challenging. I tried my best. But at the end of five months, I am tossing in the towel. Why?

It wasn’t working. Spending eight hours a day in solitude while I worked was not ideal, for Emma. Since starting this method, in August her behavior has been horrible. We have tried everything to fix this problem. Nothing works. Nothing. It has been a very disruptive and hard time for our little family of three.

So last week, after praying and discussing the situation with Josh I enrolled her into public school. It was with a heavy heart that I did this.

Do I think public school is a cure-all? No. But, I recognize the institution does exist for a reason. And right now, we are thankful for it’s existence. Emma, will finish out the school year in public school. This is only six months. I, along with friends, will be praying fervently that God will protect her little heart during that time.

What then? There are tentative plans in place to remedy these schooling woes. It’s my prayer the Lord will bring those plans to fruition, but only He knows what will be. We will trust in Him and continue to plan for the future as He reveals it to us.

Be Blessed,


11 thoughts on “Public School

  1. I have trouble juggling my job with homeschooling my 15-year-old who is fairly independent with her school work. I can only imagine the challenge with a 5-year-old. Hang in there, sister! God is sovereign over the public school system, and everyone who comes in contact with your daughter.

  2. such a hard decision. As a kid who was public schooled for my entire life with the exception of Knd and half of first – I still grew up a very sheltered/innocent child – in a good way ;). I know the world is totally different – but home really does have more impact than school. Keep seeking and trusting God – he loves her more than you do and will guide and protect both you and your children. Blessings.

  3. Hollie, These were tough decisions for me even back in the day. I pray that all will go well for your little Emma. Please take comfort knowing that God wil take care of her in her school. This will probably be temporary and the experience there will be valuable in the end.Blessings to you sweet mama.

  4. I agree with Persis and Nicole, God is still in charge and family values do stick! We home-schooled the youngest of our 2 sons and I had often wished that we had home-schooled both because of the many negative influences that public school had even then. But here is what's important, the public-schooled son has a healthy and doctrinally sound Christian world view, the Christian curriculum home-schooled son is spiritually very mislead at the moment (he needs much prayer, long story, blaming his sheltered home-school life on much of it). I don't understand it except in light of God's sovereignty. He knows what He is doing!!! Hope this helps, blessings and prayers!

  5. I hear your heart.Know, that I will be praying for you and your little Emma, may HIS GRACE abound.The Holy Spirit is the One who does the job of bringing our children to Him; not homeschooling. May His grace be over your family.Much love, {{HUGS}}

  6. Holly,How hard this must be for all of you. May God give you much, much peace, and may you and your sweet daughter grow ever closer to one another and to the LORD during this transition. Much love and many hugs!

  7. Difficult and tough decisions for a mom with a heart for God like you. I am praying with you but I also know, as the others have so beautifully expressed, that God is sovereign and over all of the affairs of your life. You are never in a situation that is outside of His perfect will and knowledge. So, while the situation may not be what you want it to be, you can be at peace to know that God is with you…AND your little girls! Love you much dear friend!!! xoxoxoxo

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