2011 Reading List

These are the books I would like to read in 2011:

1. Practical Religion by JC Ryle
2. The Case For Traditional Protestantism. The Five Solas of the Reformation by Terry L. Johnson
3. The Art of Divine Contentment by Thomas Watson
4. The Cross of Christ by John Stott
5. Feminine Appeal: 7 Virtues of a Godly Wife & Mother by Carolyn Mahaney
6. Raising Maidens of Virtue by Stacey McDonald
7. When You Rise Up by Sproul Jr.
8. The Well Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer
9. “Ye will say I am no Christian.” by Thomas Jefferson
10. Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet  by Elaine Gloria Gottschal
11. Spiritual Depression by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

That’s almost a book a month! I hope I can pull it off. I will also be doing the Bible-in-a-year-plan through Tabletalk. Josh and I already do their daily devotionals so adding the daily readings just makes sense!

What books do you hope to read in 2011?

Be Blessed,


9 thoughts on “2011 Reading List

  1. I would just like to finish the one's I started in 2010!:Footsteps of the Messiah by Arnold FruchtenbaumThrough Jewish Eyes by Craig HartmanThe Coming Prince by Sir Robert Anderson

  2. Bless God, girl! You are on the right track! Excellent choices and I am so impressed by your desire to seek Him. You are WAY ahead of me as I have not given this any thought yet! But, after reading this, it's on my radar. Thank you for the encouragement! Love and blessings!

  3. You have a great list, Hollie! I was really helped by Spiritual Depression. I hope you are blessed by it.I have so many books that I started and haven't finished. :-(I would like to start:Think, The Life of the MInd and the Love of God by John PIperThe Death of Death by John OwenRevival and Revivalism by Iain Murray

  4. Great list, Hollie! I read When You Rise Up each year. It's a wonderful reminder to remain steadfast and focused when teaching our children. I also enjoyed Spiritual Depression. Be encouraged by Bauer's book, but don't get overwhelmed. :)Blessings to you for a wonderful weekend!

  5. Great list, my friend!I don't have a full list yet, but I already have some that are waiting to be opened!:)Keep a Quiet Heart by Elizabeth ElliotThe hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith ShaefferI want to re-read a book I read a year ago, Putting Jesus in His Place. The Case for The Deity of Christ; by Bowman Jr. and Komoszewski (I would like to post my chapter reviews for this book on my blog; because this is a very important doctrine to study)The first book I will read is the one I won at Theology for Girls; The Commentary to Matthew by Spurgeon. I am so looking forward to that.So I guess this is my starting point.Thank you for asking!:)Much love.

  6. Um, I just realized my "all fiction" comment could be taken in 2 different ways. I MEANT to be answering your question of "what books do you hope to read in 2011?" 🙂 I was NOT commenting on your book list, hahaha!!also, YAY you added this list to my linky. wooo!

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