Thankful Thursday 12/9/10

When I do decide to participate in Thankful Thursdays I always feel at a loss of what to write. I have much to sing God’s praises for! My life is a blessed one. Today though, I think I’d like to praise God for giving us a such a solid, unmovable rock to stand on in the form of His written word. Isn’t it amazing to see the trues of the Scriptures play out in your life over and over again? Isn’t it marvelous to know that from the beginning of time the saints have witnessed these same comforting, convicting and beautiful truths? The Word is full of so much rich words of instruction, comfort, prediction. It is amazing! In hindsight of most situations I find myself thinking, “Why didn’t I realize things would play out like this. The Bible says it would!” The Bible tells us what to expect from certain people, it tells us how to handle situations, it tells us how to live. Isn’t it wonderful that God provided that for us?

Be Blessed,


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