Happy Birthday Rylee

 Thank you God for bestowing the amazing gift of motherhood upon me!

 Most days, I love being a mom. People talk about having different callings in life, well I know for sure mothering is mine. Even on the worse days I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s an amazingly humbling experience every. single. day. Each day, at least once, I marvel at the fact that I have been entrusted with two little souls. The Lord is trusting me to raise them according to His ways laid before me in His word. Every day I am presented with a numerous opportunities to point my children to Christ. The Gospel is the answer to every problem. Any issue that arises points to Jesus. Any joy that comes our way point to Jesus. If I am looking it is easy to see how every aspect of life points to the Christ. This comes into play in our lives … around the dinner table, in the kitchen, during sibling arguments, during this mother’s moments of weakness and harshness, at bedtime, when we are scared, when we are happy, outside, in school … He is everywhere in every moment.

Today I celebrate the birthday of my youngest child. Rylee Lynn is four today. FOUR! I’m not entirely sure how it is possible that she’s made it to that age marker already. I am rejoicing that she has made it that far though, for I know it’s only by the grace of God that any of us make it from one second into the next.  God has given me four gracious years of parenting this child so far. How am I doing? Far from perfect. As we trek off into the next year of her life I am reminded that parenting needs to be so much less about me, the parenting experts, and my friends and family and so much more about our Lord and Savior.

How are we celebrating? We are having a small birthday party on Saturday. We’ll have family over and I’m making cake and some finger foods. Rylee has requested a star cake so I’m heading to Hobby Lobby tonight to see if they have a star shaped pan. It will be nice to gather with family to celebrate the blessing the Lord has gave all of us through this sweet girl πŸ™‚

Be Blessed,


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Rylee

  1. Awww….I'm a little late but maybe not that late since the party is tomorrow! You are probably preparing now and I pray that all your baking and cooking and cleaning is going well! I love that she wants a star cake, too! I hope you found the right pan! Praying you have a beautiful and blessed day tomorrow and may the Lord bless Rylee!!

  2. Hollie! Happy birthday to your precious little one. And you are so right that parenting must be about Christ above all others. God bless you as you raise these two beautiful children for His glory.

  3. You're so right about every moment being an opportunity to point to Christ. God bless you and your girls, and I hope Rylee has a great birthday and star cake!

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